Health & Wellness Progress Report 2017


Health & Wellness Progress Report 2017

Empowering consumers to make healthy choices

The global trend is undeniable. People everywhere are taking a greater interest in their health and wellness, from eating better to exercising to protecting their skin from the sun. Results from the Health & Wellness Progress Report, show that more than 180,000 consumer goods products have been reformulated in 2016, while over 30,000 communities worldwide have been involved in industry-led programs that promote healthier diets and lifestyles.

Health and wellness emerging consumer drivers

In consumer goods, understanding and anticipating the shifting needs and desires of our consumers is more vital than any other success factor. Health and wellness topics are more frequently top-of-mind and people are looking to use products and services that will help them lead fuller, healthier, longer, and more productive lives. The Health & Wellness Progress Report, developed in conjunction with Deloitte, details how members of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) are working together to empower consumers and employees around the world to live healthier lives.

A recent Deloitte study showed that the traditional consumer drivers of price, taste, and convenience have been joined by emerging drivers such as health and wellness, safety, experience, social impact, and transparency. Roughly half of the 5,000 consumers surveyed for the study stated that their purchase decisions are significantly influenced by these new drivers. While the survey focused on consumers in the United States, anecdotal evidence suggests that similar shifts are occurring all over the world including The Netherlands.

Health & Wellness Progress Report 2017

Key findings Health & Wellness report

  • Over 180,000 products have been reformulated, with 75% of responding members confirming they have reformulated products. For food and beverage companies, sodium and sugar were most often targeted for removal in reformulation and whole grains and vitamins were the most common nutrients to be added. For personal care and hygiene companies, the removal of parabens was the number one target in reformulation.
  • 79 companies (77%) reported that they had established policies and implemented programs towards at least one of the Resolutions while 55 companies (54%) reported they had established policies and implemented programs towards all three Resolutions.
  • 72% formed partnerships with community stakeholders
  • 44% were consulted by national and/or regional governments on the issue of improving health and wellness.
  • 57% implemented employee health and wellness programs

The number of companies reporting in 2016 increased over 30% compared to 2015. With over 100 member companies now reporting on how they are implementing the CGF’s Health & Wellness Resolutions and Commitments, it is clear positive actions are being taken by the industry to help address the growing obesity epidemic and increase in non-communicable diseases. However, the report also notes that there is still much more to be done in embracing a holistic, industry and even value chain and ecosystem wide approach to health and wellness – including food, beverage, and personal care and hygiene companies – and in contributing to a culture of prevention.

Infographic Health & Wellness report

About the report

The goal of the Health & Wellness Progress report is to provide a platform for industry collaboration - a means of harnessing the collective power of Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) members to help them provide solutions for healthier consumers, employees, and communities around the world. Companies, from manufacturers to retailers, are in a position to make a difference. This report, the fourth edition since the CGF’s Health & Wellness initiative was launched in 2010, helps us to further measure our progress made towards the CGF Health & Wellness Resolutions and Commitments. The Health & Wellness Progress report is the only such global survey covering both retailers and consumer goods manufacturers.

More information about the Health & Wellness Progress Report 2017?

You can download the Health & Wellness Progress Report 2017 here. Do you want to know more about this report? Please contact Patrick Schunck via +31 (0)88 288 16 71 or Rob Kroef via 31 (0)88 288 60 24.

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