How can European automakers thrive in the new mobility ecosystem?


How can a European OEM thrive in the new mobility ecosystem?

The automotive value chain in 2025 and beyond

​What does the future of mobility hold for European OEMs? We see a new value chain emerging, shaped by regulations, consumer attitudes, and the pace of technological change. Read our report to find out how to thrive in the new ecosystem.

A European OEM in 2025

The emerging mobility ecosystem has the potential to move people and goods more quickly, cheaply, safely and cleanly than today. But the future of mobility raises hard questions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs):

  • How can traditional car manufacturers remain competitive against tech players with pockets full of cash that they are willing to invest?
  • What will be the impact of in-car software and connected services on R&D capabilities and supplier selection? 
  • What kind of asset structure will be needed to provide mobility and digital services?

Get the full report for the answers to these questions discover further how the future might unfold for a typical automotive OEM, headquartered in Europe, with no distinct market position - serving both premium and volume segments - but with a respected brand and solid profit streams. Get the full report via the button on the right.

Report: European OEMs in the new mobility ecosystem

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The Future Mobility Ecosystem

Driven by a series of converging technological and social forces, the way people and goods move from point A to be B is changing dramatically. In that sense, autonomous vehicles could be integrated with other types of transit, creating a mobility ecosystem that offers a seamless and intermodal way of travel on demand. Also OEMs will need to adapt to this new ecosystem, depicted in the infographic below.

More information?

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