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How the MyWork app helped PostNL become more future-proof

Improving efficiency, quality, employee satisfaction and innovation

A lot has been said and written about digital transformation in the last few years. But what does it actually mean for individual businesses? For instance, how does PostNL respond to the challenges of digital transformation? How does the MyWork app help this company to become future-proof?

An interview with Emma Berkhout, Lead Product Owner at PostNL

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Rewiring an organisation

On 28 September, Deloitte organised the Digital DNA Summit – Rewiring your organisation. An event that explored the different paths companies can take to become digital. Not only on the outside of the business, but internally as well - in strategy, IT-systems, culture, processes, and HR-policy. Every fibre of the organisation needs to change to make the move from ‘doing’ digital to actually ‘being’ digital. One of the companies present at this event was PostNL, an organisation that already has some experience in this field. For instance, with the MyWork app, which helps PostNL in terms of efficiency, quality improvement, employee satisfaction, and new business opportunities.


MyWork app

A short flashback: in 2014 the distribution model of PostNL was changed dramatically. The company started working with depots, which implicated that the thousands of mailmen and drivers did no longer meet each other daily and that their ties to the company loosened a bit. PostNL wanted to make sure that their deliverers would still feel connected to the company and recognised the opportunities of technology and innovation. Deloitte was approached to help them develop a proper solution, which turned out to be the MyWork app. Last year, the implementation of the app was finalised. It’s now being used by all deliverers.


Improved efficiency and cost reduction

According to Lead Product Owner Emma Berkhout, the app has helped them in several ways. “The efficiency between the mailmen and their team leads has improved. Before, the deliverers would come in with notes to their team leads which had to be entered into the system manually. Now the app helps them to ask for leave, or for extra hours, or check their schedule – 24/7, wherever they are, at home or on the road.” The span of control of team leads has increased from a few people per team to teams of 100 to 150 deliverers. They know when individual deliverers start their routes and when they finish. This has already led to cost reduction.

Developing new services

Another crucial benefit of the app is that it has enabled the development of new services, making PostNL even more future-proof. For instance, the delivery of smaller parcels. Next to tracking bigger parcels that are delivered by PostNL drivers, it is now also possible to scan and track smaller parcels that fit in the mailbox and are delivered by mailmen. Customers know where their parcel is and when it will be delivered. Another new service is “smart city propositions”, such as notifying a municipality about potential problems in the public space. If PostNL employees discover loose sidewalk tiles, they take a picture, and PostNL then notifies the municipality so the tiles can be fixed.



Are there any other new technologies that could help PostNL to accelerate its digital transformation? “I think so, but I will focus on the mail network for now. At the Digital DNA Summit, I was impressed by the opportunities that robotics has to offer, especially for our sorting factories. Robotics could also improve our planning process. We still have 200 admins planning the routes for our mailmen all over the country. We could use more bots, automatic planning systems and similar technologies to centralise this process.”


A real partnership

PostNL is quite pleased with the collaboration with Deloitte during the development and implementation of the MyWork app. Emma Berkhout: “We had a vision of where we wanted to go, and together with the Deloitte developers and the IT-team from PostNL we were able to create this app. This collaboration felt like a real partnership between PostNL and Deloitte.

What has PostNL to say on the MyWork app and future innovations?

Interview with Emma Berkhout from PostNL during the Digital DNA event on the implementation of the MyWork app and other digital transformations at PostNL.

More information?

For more information on the digital transformation process at PostNL please contact Niels Nuyens via the contact details below.

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