How the rise of electric vehicles will affect many different industries


How the rise of electric vehicles will affect many different industries

Future of mobility is not only relevant for car manufacturers

From supermarkets to oil companies and from plastics manufacturers to power companies: many industries will be challenged by the inevitable breakthrough of the electric vehicle. But besides challenges, the future of mobility also offers major opportunities: thinking about both of them, enables organizations to become future proof.

By Slavko Savanovic - 23 November 2017

Let’s start with a few statistics. In 2016 there were1 more than 1.2 million electric vehicles in use worldwide, in 2015 740,000 and in 2014 420,000. According to Bloomberg2, electric cars will be as cheap as gasoline vehicles within eight years and outsell fossilfuel-powered vehicles within two decades, and the Dutch bank ING goes even further: it predicts3 a 100% battery electric car market in 2035.

Of course, this development is inseparable from developments in autonomous driving and car- and ridesharing.

For example: let’s have a closer look at Maria, a consultant in our near future. She wants to go home and orders an autonomous pod to pick her up. The vehicle automatically connects to her smartphone and gets access to her grocery list. ‘Shall I place an order at a nearby supermarket?’, the car asks Maria, who is working on the back seat. After picking up the groceries, the car drops Maria off at home and drives to the nearest charging station, where it will wait until its next assignment.

Cross-industry connections

I see a lot of clients struggling in their preparations for the future of mobility. More and more, oil companies and other multinationals are searching for innovative startups that operate on the edge of their business – startups that three years ago wouldn’t have caused a blip, but are now perceived as parties that may become the big players in future mobility. One of the things I do to help these clients is connect them to ecosystems from other industries that are already a few steps ahead.

My participation in Deloitte’s Electric Vehicle Lab in October strengthened me in my beliefs in the importance of setting up these connections. For the international event that was held in The Edge in Amsterdam, Deloitters from all kinds of industries came together. The Edge was designed as a city, including a hospital, bank, tax office and many different ways of transport. The idea was that we’d walk through the city and talk with our colleagues about how our clients who are active in many different industries will be affected by the non-stopable rise of the electric vehicle.


Different scenarios

This cross-industry approach is insurmountable, as the breakthrough of the electric vehicle will affect a lot more industries than only car manufacturers and oil companies. Should a manufacturer that invested a lot in the development of durable and lightweight thermoplastics for fuel engines already shift their focus to electric vehicles, or should they wait a bit longer? How can power companies prepare for increasing demand of electricity? Will large solar parks be built around cities? Will the electricity generated by the solar parks also be stored in the batteries of the electric vehicles? And how will that affect property value?

The current ban on older fuel cars in many cities already shows a positive influence on air quality, but what will happen when no fuel cars at all are allowed? What will that mean for health care and quality of life? Thinking about the possible answers to these questions and preparing for different scenarios will help organizations to not only address challenges, but also look at the major opportunities that the rising popularity of the electric vehicle offers. In short, it will help them become ready for the future of mobility.

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