The Future of Mobility: what's next?


Intercompany Future of Mobility event

What do young professionals and their managers think about the mobility shift?

Over 150 young professionals of 12 different companies and the municipality of Amsterdam gathered to discuss the Future of Mobility in the Dutch Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam. They, like their management, completed a poll on their vision on mobility and on what the role of the government should be.

Young professionals and their management, a different perception of the future?

During the Future of Mobility event​, we have connected with each other to discuss and assess the transformation within the mobility ecosystem. An overarching topic that has an impact far beyond the automotive industry. The entire way we, and our goods, travel from A to B will fundamentally change in the (near) future. 

As young professionals and as consumers, we will certainly see the impact. On our daily life, the way we shop, and our work. Our generation could, however, also be the engine that thrives the transformation. We will need to change our perspective, and start to collaborate with each other. That way we, and the companies we work for, are able to harness the full potential of the future mobility ecosystem.

During the event, a live poll was conducted among the >150 young professionals of Deloitte and 12 major companies and professionals of the municipality of Amsterdam. The results of the poll among the young professionals were compared to their management's responses beforehand. A good opportunity to measure whether today’s management perceives the Future of Mobility in the same way as the managers of tomorrow.

Threatened by innovation?

One of the statements presented to both groups is: 'My company's business model is threatened by new mobility innovations'.

The response to this statement shows a remarkable difference in perception: 14% of the managers replied, ‘No, it will offer new business opportunities’. At the same time, as many as 41% of young professionals gave that response and primarily see business opportunities arising from these innovations.

All results

You can review the responses to the ten different statements in the booklet that was created following the Future of Mobility event. Download the poll results here.

In the (Dutch) video below you can watch a registration of this inspiring meeting. 

Poll results: Vision on Future of Mobility

Deloitte's intercompany Future of Mobility event

Want to know more on the Future of Mobility?

More information on how developments within the mobility landscape affects your business, please contact Frank de Bont at +31 (0)88 288 1572 and via mail Interested in our latest reports on the Future of Mobility, visit our Future of Mobility platform where we will publish new research, reports and interviews with thought leaders.

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