Live Supply Chain Visibility


Live Supply Chain Visibility

From hindsight to foresight

Are you be able to exceed the ever rising consumer and stakeholder expectations? Empower your business to do so by introducing Live supply chain visibility.

Rising customer and stakeholder expectations

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is evolving rapidly. Consumers expect more choice, faster delivery and lower prices, based on technology that enables them to shop wherever and whenever they want to. Also, stakeholders – from consumers to legislators – require more transparency into e.g. working conditions and environmental impact.

Supply chain foresight creates your competitive edge

CPG companies must be able to have full visibility and respond immediately to anything that might not meet their customers’ expectations – or even better, prevent incidents from happening in the first place. Therefore, supply chains need to become increasingly more differentiated in terms of cost, responsiveness and agility to remain competitive. Hindsight is good, insight is better, but foresight – into your supply chain – will bring you the defining competitive edge.

How to get started?

First, you need a vision on visibility. What do you need to improve your insight into and foresight of your supply chain, and how to bring this into reality? Expierience tought us that thinking big, starting small, and working in small sprints works best. This way, we generate small wins and big insights along the road.

At Deloitte, we have built an ecosystem of reliable business partners. Therefore, we are able to leverage the best software vendors that provide supply chain function-specific or company-wide supply chain solutions. Based on the pros and cons of all available solutions, we help you choose the right one for your supply chain and ambition.

Finally, we select the way to integrate the solution into your organisation. Two ends of the spectrum are installing a small insights team that collaborates with your existing supply chain teams, or bringing all supply chain activities together into a fully centralised Supply Chain Tower.

Ready to exceed your customers' expectations?

We prepared 5 long term success factors and 4 promising client cases for you.

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What business value to expect?

Businesses that have incorporated have experienced impact like revenue growth, cost reductions, decreased supply disruptions, and increased issue resolution speed. The figure below provides more insight in what results to expect.

The business value of Live Supply Chain Visibility (click to enlarge)

Ready, set, go!

Are you ready to make technology work for your business and create your competitive edge? Feel free to contact us, and we'd be glad to discuss the potential impact on your business, and whatever questions you may have.

Also don't forget to download our Point of View. This explains the topic in more detail and includes 4 illustrative case studies and 5 long term success factors for Live Supply Chain Visibility.

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