Podcast: Automotive and M&A


Podcast: How new entrants are transforming the Automotive industry

M&A in the automotive industry and the transformation around the future of mobility

We're discussing merger & acquisition activity in the automotive industry, specifically around the automotive ecosystem. The industry has seen a blurring of traditional industry lines. We'll explore how new entrants are transforming the industry and how companies can position themselves for success in this new environment

Driving performance: The future of automotive M&A

We're seeing disruption everywhere. Traditional roles, the hundred-year relationship between the vehicle manufacturers and the supplier, is being disrupted. Internally, from the suppliers themselves, from new entrants—primarily from the technology industry—and the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) themselves as they try to develop new business models based on the notion of mobility and services, as opposed to just selling vehicles.

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Navigating the changing automotive industry

The entrance of new competitors, particularly from the technology industry, brings an even broader set of disruptive capabilities. Just think about R&D and engineering, and designing software & electronics.

If you're a supplier or an OEM, you really have two challenges.

You need to adapt to the future. You need to figure out what it is, and you need to develop the capabilities and skillsets needed to win in this undefined environment. However, you also have to deal with reality of your business today.

The Future of Mobility

We're human beings. We were born to move, and how we get around is always changing. Take the cars we drive. In just over a century, we've gone from horseless carriage to souped-up techno marvels on wheels. Bluetooth connection, collision protection, electromagnetic propulsion, the stuff of science fiction is now standard. We've even got cars that drive themselves.

At this point it's clear, the future of mobility will feature all kinds of twists and turns.

Whether you're an automaker, regulator, or in a business connected to the auto industry, Deloitte's accessible data and powerful insights can help you navigate the ever shifting automotive landscape. So you can stay on top of new technology, new competitors, and most important of all, new opportunities.

Driving performance: The future of Automotive M&A

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