Deloitte aims to accelerate the automotive energy transition


Deloitte aims to accelerate the automotive energy transition

Deloitte partners with InMotion

Deloitte partners with InMotion, a Dutch student start-up in recharging electric cars, with the aim to shape the future of electric mobility. As the way we travel is changing, we need to keep the Netherlands moving and enable seamless travel for people and goods in a sustainable way by using technology and ‘as a service’ solutions. InMotion is contributing to this transformation by developing an electric power source for cars that can be charged in just a few minutes. With this partnership we want to involve them in our ecosystem so that we can reach our goals while collaborating with all of our partners.

Electric racecar

InMotion will first put its technology to the test in a racecar at the 24-hours of Le Mans. When adapting the power source to consumer-driven cars, the technology will enable fully-electric, sustainable and fast travel by car. Deloitte supports this purposeful initiative because we value sustainability at our core and believe in the future of electric transportation.

Working together for impact

Martijn Scholtus, InMotion: “We are very proud that Deloitte, an innovation-driven company, is helping us to accelerate the energy transition within the automotive world. Together with the help of Deloitte, we will make charging electric cars as fast as refueling fossil-fuel powered cars, thus making electric driving attractive for everyone. ”Willem Christiaan van Manen, Partner at Deloitte, is very pleased about this partnership: “Innovation in Mobility is a ‘must’ to achieve the Paris Agreement emission goals and I believe we need to invest in innovation in all forms of mobility, ranging across air, water and land travel. This will allow us to make every step of our travels sustainable. We must solve the bottlenecks standing in the way for adoption for a better and more sustainable future. InMotion is a great example to connect with, to collaboratively make an impact on this enormous mobility transformation journey”.

Deloitte’s vision for 2050

In our vision for 2050 we envision a world where transport is (almost completely) emission free, while we emphasize the need for seamless travel. The fast-charging power source that InMotion is developing, makes this futuristic vision feel more tangible. In this same vision for 2050 we explain why being part of a strong and diverse ecosystem is important. This partnership is therefore a step in the right direction. 

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