Responsible food production


Responsible food production

A market perspective

On Wednesday 25 November, about 250 people attended our webinar on responsible production.

In this session Artem Khlebnikov (Danone), Mario Pozzi (Heallo) and Christian Martin (Veramaris) shared their stories on how they contribute to a more sustainable food system. Re-watch the webinar or check the key insights that the speakers touched upon below.

Webinar | Future of Food: Responsible production

Artem Khlebnikov (Danone)

  • The future of food is one planet, one health (and every company could be a technology company)
  • This can be summed up in key terms such as: Healthy and Circular, more and more personalised, and driven by tech and biotech

Mario Pozzi (Heallo)

  • Heallo offers a solution that is both effective for our health and environmentally friendly (through circular economy)
  • The real revolution of JAXplus is not to ban sugar, but to regulate its absorption, softening the curve of the glycaemic peak
  • Consuming sugar with confidence: we enjoy its sweetness in a safer way, benefiting from its energy as it’s released more gradually

Christian Martin (Veramaris)

  • In key countries around the world, the majority of salmon consumers look to buy sustainability labelled food products and brands at their grocery stores
  • The amount of EPA & DHA Omega-3 that the Veramaris production facility in Nebraska, USA, produces is equivalent to 1.2 million tons of wild-caught fish – roughly equal to the annual seafood catch in the entire Mediterranean Sea
  • Veramaris has engaged with key players in the seafood value chain to facilitate providing sustainability to consumers and category growth for retailers

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