Future of food: grants opportunities


Future of Food: grants, incentives and opportunities

Finding funding for responsible production

There is no doubt that the agri-food sector is a shining example when it comes to innovation and productivity. However, that doesn’t shield the sector from the major challenges, such as the increasing growth in food demand, the need to produce healthy food, a necessity to improve production methods so as to alleviate the impact on the environment, and the requirement to do all this in a responsible manner.

So how can an agri-food company meet this change in demand and the criteria regarding responsible production? Various subsidies and tax incentives are at hand to facilitate sustainability and innovation projects in the food industry. This article provides an insight into how companies are making use of incentives, such as the EU’s LIFE programme or the European Green Deal, to successfully contribute to the goal of responsible production. Fill out the form, and we’ll send you the full article on how grants can help you shape the future of food and the future of your organisation.

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Future of Food: the need for change

The current food system is not sustainable in the long-run as the global pressure to expand food production impacts the environment. The food industry accounts for over a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, unregulated farming practices are impacting biodiversity, deforestation and soil degradation. Consumers are looking for companies and brands to act responsible.

A number of major challenges facing our world today are related to food supply as the population grows with a damaging effect on environment. Advances in biotechnology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence are providing farmers and manufacturers with new tools to address these challenges. Dietary habits of people lead to societal problems like obesity, but they also lead to more greenhouse gas production, land use, water use and pollution, especially because of an increase in consumption of animal based foods and highly processed foods.

There is a need for the food industry to research and develop healthy and sustainable food


Research and innovation in the food industry is one of the main agenda topics for the Top sector and Innovation Policy in the Netherlands. Also the European Union is opening new programs calling for proposals in food research and innovation.

These policies aim to develop a more sustainable food system with environmental neutral or positive impact to mitigate climate change and to reverse the loss of biodiversity, whilst ensuring global access to sufficient safe and nutritious food.

Untapped opportunities

We experience there are still significant opportunities to be unlocked, in the interest of all parties active in the Future of Food, as well as the society as a whole. Unlocking the opportunities is in many situations not that straightforward. Often we either need to zoom in and focus on a specific investment or project, or zoom out and combine strategic objectives, various projects/investments and form alliances. The approach that best helps realising organisations’ strategic goals depends on the context of the project(s), stakeholders involved, and grants available at the time.

In a series of articles we explore which grants and incentives are available to support you in your contributions to accelerate the food system transformation. We will take a deep dive into four key themes of the system transformation:

  • Responsible production
  • Personalised healthy nutrition
  • Responsible waste management
  • Ecosystem orchestration

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Our global Future of Food initiative is a cross-sector effort to develop a roadmap and help companies realise the aspiration of a sustainable food system that nutritiously feeds the world population in a healthy way.

Do you have an idea or envisaged project for an agricultural or food related project, and are you curious which subsidy fits best? Stay tuned for our next articles where we zoom in on the grants and incentives opportunities. Feel free to connect with us if you’d like to discuss in person how you can secure the relevant grants and incentives that help you to realise your strategic goals.

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