Future of food: personalized nutrition


Future of food: Personalized nutrition

Grants and incentives to accelerate the development of personalized nutrition

Personalized nutrition touches upon prevention of disease, education, sport, big data/IT, smart food, production, innovation and research. In this article, we will highlight the most relevant grants and incentives that support research and development on personalized nutrition technologies and strategies.

Future of Food: Personalized Nutrition

Nutrition plays an integral part in our lives. It is interesting to consider how nutrition can improve your physical and mental performance when you optimize it to your needs and desires. That is where  personalized nutrition comes into play. Beneficial personalized nutrition, concerning dietary recommendations based on individual characteristics, can be achieved in two steps: 1) collecting genetic, medical and nutritional data and 2) using this data to tailor an individual’s food consumption to achieve lasting benefits. Even though personalized nutrition is still in an early development and implementation stage, it is quickly gaining traction all over the world. In order to accelerate the development of personalized nutrition, governments offer a variety of grants and (tax) incentives on different levels. In this article we will highlight the most relevant possibilities and show you how you can benefit from this.  

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