Future of Food

The transformation of the entire food ecosystem

The future of food should be sustainable, regenerative, and resilient. Achieving this takes leaders across industries to show courage and collaboration. Together with clients and alliances, Deloitte is helping to transform the food ecosystem. Aiming to have a food system that satisfies shifting requirements while respecting planetary boundaries.

Deloitte Future of Food insights

Deloitte contributes to the transformation of the food system by helping future-proof some of the largest and most innovative organizations across industries. Deloitte support businesses to satisfy shifting nutritional needs within planetary boundaries. In practice, this means helping enable profitable business, while helping ensure it is driven by purpose and a long-term strategy. It means capturing new and changing consumer segments in order to help future-proof market position and enable continued growth, while navigating the regulatory landscape.

Deloitte's Future of Food Insights offer in-depth analyses, research, and trend predictions that shed light on the evolving landscape of the food industry. Our comprehensive studies empower businesses with valuable insights to navigate the rapidly changing world of food production, distribution, and consumption. Explore our latest research to gain strategic guidance and stay ahead in the dynamic and transformative realm of the future of food.

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A Net Positive Future for the Netherlands

Find out more about how the Netherlands leads in sustainable agriculture and food production. Discover opportunities projected to surpass $100 billion by 2050, emphasizing technology and transforming livestock farms to reduce environmental impact. Collaboration among stakeholders, guided by a pivotal orchestrator, propels this transformative journey forward.

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Alternative proteins in sustainable nutrition

Find out more about the evolving world of alternative proteins in sustainable nutrition and climate action. This article delves into market growth, challenges, and strategies for accelerating the protein transition, encompassing various protein types like plant-based, fermentation-based, cell-based, and insect-based.

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Collaboration between the energy and food industry

Find out more about the collaborative potential between the food and energy industries to achieve shared sustainable goals. How can the energy sector aid the food industry in addressing the challenges of meeting growing food demand while reducing greenhouse gas emission? It highlights potential synergies, such as optimizing land use, utilizing organic fertilizers, and embracing sustainability tech, emphasizing their collective impact in fostering a greener future and ensuring food security for a growing population.

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Or Food and Energy: Addressing sustainable goals together

How to act on EU Deforestation Regulation

Find out more about the new EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) - the next piece of legislation to combat biodiversity loss. Beyond environmental conservation, this regulation aims to restrict imports of products tied to adverse effects on local communities during production. While heralding a potential positive social impact, its implementation may come with associated costs. Explore key insights and suggested actions in response.

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Personalized Nutrition with Jumbo

Find out more about Foodcoach, a collaboration between Deloitte and Jumbo, revolutionizing healthier food choices. This app, linked to a vast recipe database, utilizes advanced AI to offer personalized nutritional advice and suggest healthier ingredient swaps. Tested by professional athletes, its success has led to a consumer-ready version, empowering users to make balanced and healthier dietary choices. Deloitte's partnership with Jumbo showcases a commitment to innovation for a healthier future in food and health.

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