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True Price

Realising a more sustainable and fair food system

At Deloitte we care about the environment, people’s wellbeing and fair wages. Together with True Price and our caterer we launched the True Price coffee bar in our Amsterdam office The Edge. A True Price is the market price plus the social and environmental costs of a product. By paying the True Price for our drinks, we help repair, prevent and compensate for the impact on our planet and society.

The True Price explained

The True Price coffee bar

What is the true price of our favourite hot drink? That is the big question at Deloitte’s Amsterdam office The Edge, where the True Price Coffee Bar initiative is launched. Will employees and office visitors be inclined to pay the actual price (including environmental and social costs) or adjust their consumption behaviour? Randy Jagt, Future of Food lead at Deloitte, Michel Scholte, director and co-founder of True Price and Dieuwertje Ewalts, Consulting Sustainability lead at Deloitte, explain the idea behind this initiative in this article

Realising a more sustainable food system

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What is the True Price?

What does true price mean? How is ‘True Price’ different from ‘Fair trade’? And why are we introducing the True Price coffee bar? We can imagine you have questions about the True Price, please download the Q&A to read more or contact us via the details below.

What is the True Price?

More information

If you have any questions about the True Price or you would like to accelerate your sustainbility transformation? Please contact us.

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