Chapter 5: How to build your Experience Business


Chapter 5: How to build your Experience Business

Building Experience Businesses in various organizations: Our experience and lessons learned

Building an experience business usually comes with a large-scale transformation. It touches upon people, teaming, technology, data, governance, knowledge development, processes, and much more. In other words: it can impact your entire organization. If you are transforming your business from e.g. a product-oriented business into a customer experience led business, you are literally pivoting your entire business to center around a different entity: the customer. It not a sprint but a marathon, not easy – but worth it.

Transitioning to an experience business involves a holistic transformation encompassing people, processes, data and technology. Digital experience platforms play a crucial role in facilitating and scaling personalized experiences using the right digital technology and aligning it with customer-centric strategies. These platforms provide the necessary infrastructure to deliver tailored content and services to customers, reflecting their individual preferences and behaviors, thus enhancing the overall customer experience. Read the final chapter in the practical How-to Guide: Building your Experience Business – Insights is now live.

Chapter 5 - Building experience businesses
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