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Deloitte Release orchestration Pipeline (DROP)

A scalable release management solution for all organizations that leverage the Salesforce Platform.

Implementing CI/CD is easier than you think with DROP. DROP optimizes flexibility, speed and quality while reducing costs for releasing on the Salesforce platform.

In our agile business environment, organizations are looking to deploy Salesforce features independently and on demand. But how do you automate the process of developing, testing and publishing new features?

Salesforce is at the heart of many organizations. Its features help them thrive in the new world of digital customer experience to become faster and smarter while finding new ways to reach customers at every touchpoint.

Nevertheless, developing features is a costly processes and most organizations are only able to bring features to production every four or six weeks. That is far too infrequently if you want to constantly improve in a continuously changing agile environment.

CI/CD is often costly and complex

When developing software, we can no longer rely on traditional processes. Organizations that want to meet business needs and respond quickly in an ever-changing environment are striving for Continuous Implementation and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). This allows teams to independently deploy their features at any time, which saves costs and reduces risks.

However, implementing your own CI/CD process is often expensive and complicated: out-of-the-box Salesforce does not supply a CI/CD Process, and setting up your own pipeline requires a huge investment and additional operational costs for maintenance and upgrades.

Let us introduce you to DROP

Deloitte has delivered some of the most inventive and complex Salesforce projects around the world. By leveraging our project expertise we aim to support organizations in maximizing the potential of CI/CD. Therefore Deloitte developed DROP - the Deloitte Release Orchestration Pipeline.

DROP is a ground-breaking CI/CD-managed service for the Salesforce platform, enabling developers to invest their valuable hours in designing new features. Organizations get all the benefits of a state-of-the-art CI/CD Pipeline without the hassle of setting up their own. DROP delivers the flexibility of working with multiple agile teams and the speed to instantly deploy to production while simultaneously reducing costs—all with the quality you expect from Deloitte.

DROP maximizes the value to business. It has the ability to fully automate both the testing and deployment processes. DROP has been chosen by several organizations as their strategy for DEV/OPS to optimize flexibility, speed and quality whilst reducing deployment costs up to 40% and test costs up to 50%. Sounds good, right?

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