DROP is the fully automated DevOps Release Management solution for the Salesforce platform

Independent and on demand deployment of features is crucial for any agile business environment. DROP optimizes flexibility, speed and quality while reducing costs for releasing features. Work agile and use DevOps workflows on the Salesforce platform with DROP.



Speed at every moment
DROP enables an automated continuous deployment cycle.

Flexibility & quality first
No need to plan ahead, deploy features at any time.

Managed releases
Let DROP manage your releases while you develop features.

Fraction of costs
By plugging into the DROP solution, CI/CD will be offered without any investment and at a fraction of your running costs.

What is DROP?

DROP in action

Speed up your releases

Large consumer client streamlines Salesforce release management with DROP, leading to improved time to market and reduction of costs.

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Support your transformation

British University leaps forward in Salesforce transformation with DROP and fully automates, ramps up and matures their release management processes.

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Quality at the heart

International bank transforms Salesforce release management while maintaining GDPR compliancy, ensuring data security and massively upgrades the release processes.

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Enabling your business a mature and modern release process is easier than is thought. With DROP as a managed service, many elements are out of your hands. This empowers you to focus on what you know best: developing the right features for your end users.

Step 1: Manage set-up and operation of the CI/CD pipeline

DROP’s release engineers manage the set-up and operation of the CI/CD pipeline including sandboxes and refreshes, supporting your agile teams in their needs.

Step 2: Monitor and manage automated deployments and tests

The automated deployment and unit test runs are monitored and managed by DROP’s experts. They communicate back to the agile teams to take action when needed.

Step 3: Solve technical deployment issues

Do any unexpected technical issues occur in the deployment process? DROP’s release engineers got it covered, enabling agile teams to focus on the development of new business features.

Step 4: Release engineers to support teams

As the CI/CD pipeline might be unknown to the agile teams, a team of experienced release engineers stand ready to support them with any release or deployment questions.


Minimal set up time

DROP is set-up in no time. You just have to build the code in Salesforce and we do the rest. While connected to the client repository, DROP takes care of the build orchestrated by DROP agents controlled by the CI/CD Docker Image repository and the Pipeline Library.

Cloud based adaptable solution

DROP is cloud based and securely hosted within the Deloitte IT ecosystem. While the infrastructure sits on Deloitte side, DROP connects to all GIT based repositories. The DROP release pipelines can be configured and scaled up within just a few clicks to match seamlessly with your IT environment.

High end release management

Release management shouldn’t be a burden. We understand that time to market is crucial for optimal client relationships. Our mission with DROP is to make features available to clients in hours instead of weeks or months.


A comprehensive solution aimed at streamlining the process of API (Application Programming Interface) deployment.

DROP4Mule is built on the principle of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). To meet business needs and respond quickly in an ever-changing environment, DROP4Mule is your partner for efficient and cost-effective CI/CD.

  1. Automated testing and deployment: Reduces manual effort, speeds up development cycle, improves software quality
  2. Time to market: Developers can push changes more rapidly, accelerating the overall time to market for new features or bug fixes.
  3. Flexibility: Easy to scale and adapt as the API integration landscape grows.
  4. Increased productivity: Automated testing and deployment helps teams focus more on coding and innovation.
  5. Feedback loop: Facilitates a faster feedback loop, allowing developers to respond swiftly to user feedback or system issues.
  6. Environment consistency: Reduces potential configuration errors and ensures applications behave as expected.

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