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Designing the future of health

An ecosystem perspective

With the top ten diseases related to lifestyle and the rising global healthcare costs, there's a huge opportunity for innovation to help families improve their wellbeing. How can we leverage cross-industry collaboration to drive the shift from healthcare to health?

Written by Tom Greenwood

Shift from healthcare to health

There’s a fundamental shift happening in health, from the traditional model of providing acute care towards prevention and a focus on wellness. We’re starting to see disruptive innovation in the healthcare sector, with Walmart opening a health center and Ping An's AI-assisted medical system exceeding 300m users. There’s also a trend towards phone-based self-care, with the pervasive use of wellness apps like Headspace, Fitbit and Noom. By 2020 Deloitte predicts global healthcare expenditure of around $8 trillion, with the top 10 diseases being related to lifestyle, making this an exciting opportunity for innovation in digital products and data to play a role in the future of health. 

However, this shift from healthcare to health will require systemic change and the collaboration between multiple parties - some old and some new. So, how can we combine the expertise of health professionals with the global client base, customer touchpoints, platforms, data and technology across industries to drive lifestyle change and reduce healthcare costs?

Exploring the future health ecosystem

To explore how cross-industry collaboration can drive the shift from healthcare to health, we facilitated Health on The Edge, where we brought together 30 innovation leaders from multiple industries including pharmaceuticals, retail, food, healthcare, finance, government mobility and technology.

During an inspiring evening at The Garage, Deloitte's innovation and co-creation space in Amsterdam, we explored the values that could be combined across different industries to tackle lifestyle-related illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. A team of design consultants and health experts facilitated a group exercise to explore an ecosystem perspective and define a specific design challenge based on the needs of our family persona “The Mullers”. 

Health on the Edge

Driving cross-industry innovation

Key themes that emerged included helping people take control of their health by empowering them with the right data, and combining the value of a central data repository, predictive analytics, contextual intervention across patient touchpoints e.g. retail, and government support. We framed these as a set of design challenges in the form “how might we…” for example:

How might we combine health advice, retail customer touchpoints, shopping data and predictive algorithms to empower Dana (the mother) with the right insights to take charge of the family’s diet and fitness plans?

The groups’ challenge statements all centered around allowing families to improve lifestyle and prevent the need for healthcare. We returned to the plenary and an enthusiastic dialogue emerged. The consensus was that we had the right ecosystem players and capabilities available to really solve some large-scale health problems together. There were also some challenges raised around data security and the need for governments and policymakers to enable the development of a secure and standardized healthcare data system that enables cross-industry innovation to move forward.

Designing the future of health

This was the first step in a journey, and Deloitte's Center for the Edge will now be driving the initiative forward and identifying unique opportunities to tackle large, complex health problems with ecosystems players, based on our set of design challenges. The goal is then to zoom in on specific challenges and apply our innovation capabilities at The Garage, where our team of designers, strategists and technologists co-create new ventures, products, services and experiences. 

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