Chapter 1:Experience Strategy & Principles


Chapter 1: Experience Strategy & Principles

How to build your Experience Business?

Drawing on insights from our daily practice, Deloitte Digital has created this practical guide, called Building your Experience Business. It is designed to help organizations fundamentally change the way they engage and interact with customers.

The Experience Strategy is your compass for the design of each customer experience

People are increasingly looking for meaning and relevance in the brands and the products/services they buy and use. Both the personal and social impact of a brand–related to how a consumer identifies him or herself - have become more important. This growing emphasis on “social identity” calls on brands/organizations to make their purposes recognizable and tangible in their interaction with customers.

To create a meaningful brand requires a well thought-out experience strategy and principles. An experience strategy describes what a brand stands for, the experience a customer can expect and how it is different from the rest. It acts as a compass that gives direction to the design of each customer experience. The strategy is implemented via the experience principles; a set of guidelines that must be met for each customer experience or journey within the organization.

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