How to scale customer journey teams to elevate your Experience Business | Customer and Marketing


Chapter 6: How to scale customer journey teams to elevate your Experience Business

How to build your Experience Business

Drawing on insights from our daily practice, Deloitte Digital has created this practical guide, called "Building your Experience Business". It is designed to help organisations fundamentally change the way they engage and interact with customers.

Building an Experience Business with multiple customer journey teams can help organisations to provide more meaningful and personalized experiences. Once a company has successfully implemented customer journey teams and an experience business way of working on a small scale, leveraging this knowledge and experience to a bigger scale becomes the logical next step. Personalized experiences can easily lead to an explosion of content variations, decisioning rules and in the end, customer journeys. The challenge lies in scaling customer journey teams along the best fitting business dimensions, without running the risk of creating an inefficient, costly, uncontrollable archipelago of independent teams, each driving their own objectives.

Working in customer journey teams means shifting the focus from simply creating marketing campaigns to improving overall business performance through the entire customer journey. In order to do this effectively, the organisation must adopt a more horizontal, end-to-end approach that involves various teams working together to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint.

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