Next Generation Customer Service


Next Generation Customer Service

Five trends shaping the future of customer care in 2020

Five trends shaping the future of customer care are identified and introduced. Other articles that will follow in this series will provide deep dives on these specific trends.

The future of customer care

Now that a concept like ‘omni-presence’ will become the new normal in the ‘20s, AI is disrupting current customer service tools and the workforce is changing with new generations entering the market, we increasingly ask ourselves the question: what are the trends shaping the future of customer care and how should you organize yourself to make an impact that matters to your customers?

As products and services become increasingly commoditized, delivering great customer experiences at every step of the customer journey has become the differentiating factor between success and failure. This highlights the importance of excellent customer service. With a team of Deloitte Digital experts, we took a dive into the what and how of the five most predominant trends shaping the future of service.

Five forces

The following five trends were identified as predominant forces of the future of customer care: the future of work, elevating the human experience, digital to the core, cyber threats being everywhere and the rise of digital centers of excellence. All of these trends influence a different aspect of providing what we call Next Generation Service.

Off next

To get a better understanding of what these trends describe and how to leverage them to the benefit of your business, we would like to refer you to the full point of view: ‘Next Generation Customer Service: 5 Trends shaping the future of customer care in 2020’. Ready to bring your customer experience to the next level? Please contact us and we can take a personalized deep dive into the topics and next steps together!

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