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Our key takeaways from Salesforce Live: Benelux!

Everything you need to know from the largest virtual event of the year

On October 7, Deloitte Digital was present at Salesforce Live: Benelux as the Emerald Sponsor of the event. All in a virtual way because of Covid-19 which disrupted our lives in the past months. Over 3,300 people joined the event, which included a large variety in speakers, topics and partners. The sessions were very inspirational, and for every industry there were innovations to be seen in the different industry sessions. In this article, we will share what we have learned during the keynote, the Healthcare Innovation track, the Financial Services breakout and the Work.com demos. These are the key takeaways for you to remember from these different sessions.

Digital First

Covid-19 not only impacts the way we live our daily lives, it also caused financial and socio-political tensions, as was stated in the keynote. There is a performance gap between companies that lean into digital and recognize the need to go digital, others are waiting for Covid-19 to disrupt the way they work and then to solve their problems. All the more reason for Salesforce to stress the importance of being digital. In times like these, it becomes clear what kind of mindset different companies have, but also what mindset they should adopt to get through this crisis properly. Leaders with a “repair & restore” mindset encounter difficulties to get through the crisis, whilst companies with a more “entrepreneurial” mindset encounter less problems; being digital is already their way of working. Companies need to act and lead, they need to communicate with and engage their employees. Various speakers, amongst which was our Deloitte Digital partner Peter van Tilburg, made it abundantly clear that this is the time for a shift, a shift to go digital and at the same time give back to society and take care of the environment we all work and live in. He talked about Deloitte's vision to make an impact at The Ocean Cleanup , just to name one example. The time is now to make the world a healthier and more sustainable place to live in. Making an impact that matters is what Deloitte is all about, which is why a partnership with The Ocean Cleanup was a natural fit for Deloitte. The team has been a key adviser on this ambitious project in areas of strategy, technology, financial structure, human capital, tax and other disciplines. In this particular context Deloitte supported the Ocean Cleanup to go Digital through the implementation and adoption of the Salesforce platform. Together with Salesforce we are helping the Ocean Cleanup to create long lasting relationships with their donors and the public at large.

Shaping the future of Healthcare

Covid-19 has disrupted healthcare as we know it. The challenges on the workforce have become even larger. There is more pressure on health workers who were already overworked due to the aging of the population and staff shortages. On the other hand, Covid-19 has provided us with opportunities to bridge the digital gap and use digital transformations to overcome these challenges. This matches with the Deloitte vision on the future of health which is shared in the Healthcare breakout sessions during Salesforce Live: Benelux. In the session, Matthijs Boom, Director Digital Health at Deloitte, shared with us five major shifts that the future of health is organized around:

  1. From care to health: more focus on vitality, prevention and early diagnosis
  2. Virtual Health (care): care (really) concentrated around the patient
  3. Data-driven personalized (“N = 1”) health insights and interventions
  4. Future of work in healthcare: a new "what, where and how" for healthcare professionals
  5. Money flows and revenue models: more focused on stimulating population health

To thrive in a post-Covid reality and embrace the future of health, Deloitte advises to focus on virtual health. Patients are becoming more empowered these days which leads to a shift from being a patient to being a care-consumer. Health organizations need to adapt to this shift to satisfy the customer experience expectations of the patient.

Interested to learn more? Read all about it in our Deloitte articles about the Future of Health and Digital Transformation in European Healthcare.

Human Centric Service

The pressure on call center employees has increased enormously as a result of COVID-19. Various technologies are used in order to reduce the burden on these employees, like Salesforce Service Cloud Voice. In addition, Omni-Channel can be used to serve your customer at the channel they prefer, data and Artificial Intelligence are personalizing the customer experience, and chatbots are no longer only being used for common questions as they can now handle high-tech human conversations.

Our Deloitte experts Theo Slaats and Robert Collignon see this happening in the financial services industry as well. While financial services providers are currently shifting towards open banking, open insurance and 3rd party platforms, a further shift towards 'beyond financial services' is already on the way for these providers, by redefining themselves based on purpose and focusing on broader ecosystems.

In the Deloitte breakout session, Theo and Robert shared their vision on Human Centric Service. Financial services customers do not just get up in the morning and decide to buy a mortgage, but this is part of a much longer customer journey, which currently has a relatively low number of touch points with their bank. Therefore, banks and insurance companies need to know what decisions their customers are facing, to be able to assist them at exactly the right moment during their journey. This should be designed from a customer experience perspective, by focusing on what the daily life of a customer looks like. From a technical perspective, this also means the right data is needed at the right moment with the help of different platforms. Looking at innovation opportunities for banks and insurers, Theo and Robert see a large opportunity to deliver a better experience to the currently underserved SME segment, who have a need to manage their businesses in the most efficient way possible.

Related to the customer experience, while there has been an ongoing trend towards enabling self-service for customers as much as possible, being able to talk to someone remains a very important channel for many. Since the voice channel has proven in the past to be very expensive and inefficient, there are many opportunities to improve and adapt this channel better to the ongoing workforce transformation trends in the financial services industry. For example, when looking at Service Cloud Voice, Salesforce provides a personalized phone menu to the customer. The real-time voice transcript can then be leveraged to recommend the next best service based on the conversation, and sentiment analysis can be used to adapt to the feeling of the customer. Together this results in improved customer satisfaction and reduced case handling time. Call center agents can fully work from home, but still provide a full experience to their customers. This is what they call a win-win situation.

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Working in the new normal

We already touched upon it: companies need to go digital as working from home is the new normal. With the changing standards, employee needs and expectations have also changed overnight. Companies need to prioritize health, safety and well-being, they need to empower their employees from anywhere, and being able to go back to the office is one of them. With a combination of surveys, information articles and capacity management, Work.com helps companies to return to the office. Deloitte recently started a Work.com pilot – together with Salesforce – for their office ‘The Garage’ in Amsterdam. The pilot supported Deloitte to open office spaces, it helped us to manage capacity and to measure the wellness of employees. In times of change, there is a need for innovation and together with Salesforce we innovated the way we manage the “back to work” process.

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Just to summarize what we’ve learned at Salesforce Live: Benelux: everything is possible in this digital era. Together with Salesforce we remain positive and ambitious and strive for a future full of innovation, sustainability and digital transformation.

Do you want to see more of Salesforce Live: Benelux? The event can now be streamed on-demand here! In case of questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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