Reimagine the Future of your Contact Center


Reimagine the Future of your Contact Center

Key take-aways of the live broadcasted webinar around contact center transformation

On the 15th of September Deloitte Digital came together with Salesforce and AWS at The Garage to host a live broadcasted webinar called “Reimagine the Future of your Contact Center” on the future of service through the use of innovative technologies to elevate the agent experience and customer relationships. Are you ready to learn more about elevating your contact center with Service Cloud Voice using Amazon Connect? Please find our key take-aways of the event below.

Future of Customer Service – Trends and best practices

Contact centers are at the heart of customer experience. Changing market dynamics and evolving customer behaviors are increasing the importance of contact centers across all corporate and public sectors.

Trend 1 – Agile Service – Embracing unprecedented change through cloud

Contact centers that are focused on elevating customer experiences need that kind of adaptability in order to meet the shifting expectations of customers and to respond to changes in the competitive, regulatory and cultural environments.

Trend 2 – AI Everywhere – Fostering human connections at machine speed

Cognitive technologies such as natural language processing, speech recognition, process automation and robotics are the key to helping customer contact center operations drive experiences that are more personal, intuitive and empathic.

Trend 3 – Distributed Workplaces – Making work from home, work

Forward-thinking leaders are working to lay a sustainable foundation for their work-from-home programs in the longer term. This creates the potential to enhance organizational agility while also supporting a wider array of employee preferences.

Trend 4 – The Right Channel – Optimizing channels, connecting journeys

To balance the needs of customers with the needs of the business, leaders are now looking to complement omnichannel service orchestration with “right-channeling”. Ongoing contact trends and channels are analyzed and, where appropriate, methods are invented to nudge customers toward different channels that improve both the customer experience and business efficiency.

Trend 5 – Focus on Value – Service business growth

Delivering value through service depends on not only a shift in mindset but also consistency and connection across external touch points and internal organizations. Silos that separate product development and quality assurance from sales and service need to be broken down. Your business purpose, brand personality and marketing messages likewise need to be consistent and connected with the service experience.

By leveraging Salesforce Service Cloud with Amazon Connect, organizations can run their contact center from anywhere, boost agent productivity and enable supervisors to coach their agents from anywhere. Want to know more? Please visit our virtual environment in which you can watch the recording of the webinar and a selection of articles and demo’s around the future of service, contact center transformation, Salesforce Service Cloud Voice and Amazon Connect. Please use the following link:

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