A day of inspiration and innovation at Salesforce Live ‘22


A day of inspiration and innovation at Salesforce Live ‘22

Deloitte Digital and Salesforce look back on a successful live event

We had to wait a while, but on the 28th of June, Salesforce Live was finally there in person. Read our main take-aways from the event full of face-to-face conversations, interesting client cases and inspiring demos at our Deloitte Digital booth.


After a long wait, on June 28th we finally had the opportunity to meet in
person again at the Salesforce Live event. A day filled with technology,
implementations and conversations about Salesforce. We all were very excited to share our experiences and expand our networks with clients and companies. In this article we’ll give you a brief summary of our highlights at the event.

Opportunities to network and learn

When you walked into the event, you could find many different booths. Deloitte and other companies welcomed you into their practices to show what solutions they’ve been able to build over the past years. But even before the event there were different opportunities to network. The night before, executive leaders of large companies in the Netherlands had a dinner together. As a Salesforce alliances partner, we had the chance to think along about their biggest challenges and how we can help each other to solve them. During breakfast sessions, we also discussed two large topics companies face: recruitment of talent and the position of women in the business. Both discussions showed a demand for more collaboration between companies to learn from each other.

Deloitte’s perspective

During the event, there were many keynote presentations about all range of topics. Different companies showed their capabilities and solutions with the current Salesforce tooling. On the main stage, business leaders provided insights on general topics and challenges we all face, such as: sustainability, post-covid way of working and working environments. Also, Theo Slaats talked about our Deloitte perspective about how we contribute to a more sustainable environment and how we help our customers towards this goal too. One of the examples is planting a Food Forrest together with Salesforce to meet our common goal of planting one trillion trees in 2030. Moreover, Carolien Dikkers and Roel van der Donk showed our impact story at ABN Amro Insurances.

Our buzzing booth

The largest booth you could find on the event was our Deloitte booth, where you could even drink champagne! There were many cool demos and implementation cases we could show you or tell you about. And this was a success! A lot of people visited our booth, even our alumni Deloitte colleagues found their way back to us. Some of the visitors were interested in our solutions and we might welcome them as a colleagues soon. Last but not least: over a hundred companies left their information for starting a new collaboration and helping them with their greatest challenge.

See you soon!

Did you find our booth and are you interested to see how we can help you with your challenges? And are you curious to find out what our different capabilities and solutions can offer you? Please reach out to us and let’s find our way to help each other.

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