The evolving digital marketing services of Deloitte


The evolving digital marketing services of Deloitte

Interview with Jos Hörchner (Director Deloitte Digital)

Launched globally in 2012, Deloitte Digital supports clients with a range of digital transformation services, including design, creative offerings, digital marketing, tech delivery and apps. The division has grown strongly since its inception and currently has a footprint in 28 countries. In May 2019 Deloitte acquired Pervorm, an independent agency specialized in digital marketing and transformation services. Its purpose was to strengthen the position of Deloitte as a digital full-service provider. Jos Hörchner, founder of Pervorm and now Director at Deloitte, currently works from home like the rest of his colleagues. During this interview, Jos will look back on the transition and the impact on Deloitte Digital

What impact did the transition have on your role within the organization?

I transferred from being an entrepreneur at a small marketing agency to a Director in a large international organization, which is a big difference. Luckily the international network of Deloitte still offers plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurship while working together with a lot of cool, smart and interesting people.

Has the focus of the old Pervorm team changed during the integration with Deloitte?

Pervorm consultants worked according to different specializations like display marketing and social media. At Deloitte this knowledge has been bundled into a strategic service offering called Growth Hacking. For example, instead of only focusing on media campaign results we look at the viability of a proposed project as well. Does this align with the vision of the client? Will the project yield long term value? The investment of our clients should add value to their organization in the long term as well.

What was the biggest challenge for the old Pervorm while integrating into Deloitte?

Getting thousands of new colleagues at once has its impact on a small and intimate group like the Pervorm team. Colleagues wondered: ‘Can I be myself at a large organization like this?’ Looking back I feel proud of how all of them stayed together as a group and smoothly integrated into Deloitte at the same time.

What are elements of Deloitte that enable the team to get the best out of its people and services?

Deloitte is a strong brand serving a wide range of international clients in different industries. Projects often don't last longer than a year, so you get the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of many interesting organizations. Employment conditions such as planning and mobility are well arranged, enabling consultants to give clients their undivided attention. There are also many training opportunities and the sky is the limit when it comes to career development.

How has the pandemic impacted the Deloitte Digital services?

The pandemic made a big impact on everyone in our organization. Our clients were confronted by a sudden need to shift towards an online environment and were relying heavily on our support during their digital transformation. We had to work hard and closely collaborate to help them navigate the crisis as best as we could, while at the same time Deloitte launched initiatives like virtual team walks or a home office budget to keep our spirits up. On the positive side, paving the way in digital cooperation showed us how to effectively work together and brought us even closer to each other.

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