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The Impact of an Employee App

How one tool empowered store employees to deliver excellent service to their customers

Together with Jumbo Supermarkten, we developed the ‘JumboApp for Store Employees’. A true product of co-creation with which we realized impact. With one tool, we empowered the employees to deliver excellent service by giving them direct digital access to knowledge, tasks and the Jumbo Service Center.


At Jumbo, the customer is always priority number one. Jumbo is happy to go the extra mile in order to ensure a fun and simple way to buy groceries. Every week, our 80,000 employees are connected to 9 million customers. With the Jumbo App for Employees, Jumbo wanted to improve customer service and make employees’ work more fun, effective, and easier. By using the Jumbo App for Employees, Jumbo will increase customer and employee satisfaction.

We do this by:

  • Keeping employees updated with all work-related information, corporate news, and updates about the Jumbo store they work in.
  • Empowering employees to quickly and easily look up product information through the product seeker, which also has an integrated barcode scanner.
  • Enabling employees to quickly and effectively send different types of questions to the Jumbo Service Center and receive answers directly in the app.
  • Providing in-app space for employees to quickly and easily view and pick up daily tasks and to check them off as they are completed. 
  • Giving employees direct access to the knowledge base that contains all of Jumbo’s customer service-related information. 
  • Enabling employees to inspire and motivate each other and increase teambuilding on a safe communication platform. Allowing employees to easily check their work schedule.


  • Employee satisfaction rate has been increased from 6.3 to 7.6.
  • Greater involvement with Jumbo amongst employees.
  • Greater range of and involvement amongst employees. From 8,000 to 90,000 store employees (82% greater range).
  • Improved quality by quickly having a variety of questions answered by the service center. 
  • Easy submission of different types of questions, which has sped up the submission process from an average of 11.3 minutes to 2 minutes per question.
  • A decrease of 14.3% in submitting questions thanks to access to the knowledge base on the shop floor.
  • More targeted communication from the headquarters. The number of target groups has been simplified and decreased from 4 to 2. 
  • Direct insight in all operational daily tasks by digitally dividing and completing them. 
  • Easily accessible product information via the product seeker with integrated barcode scanner. 
  • Employees communicating without the use of Whatsapp and in a place where entry into service, termination of contract, or reassignment is directly processed.
  • Use of mobile device functionalities, such as push notifications and scanning (for products), which results in optimal use of the app by the employee.
  • App investment to be recouped within 1.6 years due to increased efficiency within the stores.
  • Foundation created to launch Employee apps for other concepts at Jumbo (Foodmarkt, Jumbo City, La Place, Distribution).

A few project facts

  • App is developed for and by employees in an iterative co-creation setting.
  • The deployment is done in a phased and controlled in a period of 5 weeks to 315 Jumbo stores.
  • Collaborated with other Jumbo partners: KZA, IBM and Salesforce
  • Innovation has been achieved not only on a technical level, but mostly on operational and service level.


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