Towards the Future of Field Service


Towards the Future of Field Service

Key aspects of digitisation in the Field Service ecosystem

The ecosystem of Field Services is digitising and customers expect more personalized and quick digital service solutions. With everything happening online and remote, your agents may be the sole face of your company for your customers. Therefore, your Field Services can't stay behind. Grow more lifetime value by leveraging the human experience with data and deliver outstanding service.

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The Field Service ecosystem

Even though many companies are on the road to use digital technologies more effectively, the Field Service ecosystem still doesn't use knowledge on customer data and product information efficiently enough. Both customer and company often lack knowledge on the problem and each other. By digitizing Field Services, companies efficiently anticipate better to problems and are better able to predict logistics engineers, locations and timeframes.

Future of Field Service

Guided by data

To transform to a next generation Field Service, your company needs a 360-degree view of your customer and assets. Data from all departments and processes need to be integrated with the customer and product information. Increase knowledge about how products are used with integrated data, about customer touch points and insights from e.g. sensors on the product. This enables your field force to transform into customer services by implementing a more human-centred approach.

Riding the wave of digital disruption

We have identified five key themes, or disruptive characteristics, that lead the way in digitisation:

  • Personalised and proactive
  • Distributed complexity
  • Integrated ecosystems
  • AI omnipresence
  • Workforce redefined

Transform your Field Service

In our Point of View article about the Future of Field Service you can read more about these themes and digitisation in depth. When you are ready to ride the digital disruptive wave, contact us and we will discuss what steps you can take to transform your Field Services.

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