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What is Advanced Data Visualization?

Beyond the world of standard visuals, reports and dashboards, a whole new era of advanced data visualisation (ADV) is emerging, focusing on creative, unique, attractive, complex and interactive forms of data visualisation in order to get a message across. Advanced visuals often go beyond merely using standard visualisation tools and often include web-based as well as VR and AR-based visualisations. What unites them is their unique ability to present complex challenges in an easy and intuitive way.

Despite the beauty and potential of this new craftsmanship, advanced forms of data visualisation are not yet widely adopted in business reports and dashboards. This article therefore describes three characteristics of ADV techniques that can help you inspire with data and engage and inform your audience.

Interactive and attractive

This attractiveness is achieved by using visually appealing ways of presenting data and adhering to design best practices. Next-level visualisations present data in a very sensible way by using the most appropriate chart and formatting options. In addition, elegant transitions facilitate an attractive and smooth way of moving between different points in the storyline of a visualisation. This will increase a user’s engagement with the visualisation, thus facilitating easy and quick interpretation and understanding. As a result, the message resonates strongly with the audience.

By using embedded interactive features, ADVs let users interact with data in ways they have not experienced before. Slicing and dicing allows the users to peel down new layers of information with great ease. The interactivity ingrained in such visuals allows for extra insights that static visuals cannot provide. In the animation of the globe below, freight volumes between cities are highlighted. By adding attractive shading and animation, users will spend more time absorbing the information from the visual.

Complex relations

Standard visuals, such as bar charts or line graphs, are often not sufficient when presenting complex relationships. A dataset with over a million distinct data points, for example, can hardly ever be presented in a standard manner. In that case, a visual that allows for interactive hierarchies and exploration is a much better option. The interactivity of an ADV can facilitate next-level data exploration that matches a user’s specific needs.

Take a look at the following example. This network chart shows different combinations of project teams across multiple departments. Unlike standard graphs or plain tables, network graphs enable users to quickly decide which information is most relevant to them.

Unconventional data

Other types of data analysis require specialised data preparation and visualisation. When visualisations are based on real-time log data from ERP systems, for example, using standard graphs could result in the loss of valuable levels of detail. Such data therefore require specific expertise in order to deliver true value to your organisation.

Another example of real-time data is streaming information originating from social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. By means of near-real-time analysis and visualisation of the overall sentiment of these streams of data, organisations can monitor product launches, live usage feedback or the public response to a press release, for example. In the visual below, two Twitter streams are visualised in a real-time sentiment comparison.

How can we help?

Our team of visualisation experts has experience across industries in helping you design and build these visualisations from start to finish. Any design process starts with an in-depth exploration of users’ needs and determining all relevant user-centric requirements before designing and building the visualisation. The solution is then deployed online and delivered to end users in custom workshops, thus guaranteeing wide user adoption.

Our list of deployed advanced data visualisations is extensive and includes network charts, custom scroll stories, VR demos and web dashboards. We will be more than happy to show you our portfolio at your request.

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