Generating effective decisions in the dynamic and growing digital landscape

Digital analytics gives insights for seamless digital customer experience

Effective digital analytics capabilities are a necessity for achieving continuous data driven innovation. Our services are to help you achieve an efficient & effective digital analytics organization capable of delivering essential optimization insights for seamless digital customer experience and competitive digital ROI. Deloitte has the experience, resources and talent available to either help you get started or advance this necessity in the growing digital landscape.

Your challenge

The digital era brings huge opportunities for any organization to become truly customer centric. In comparison to off the grid environments, there is data abundance. But how to make any sense of this big data and how to find innovative insights that will help your customers achieve your goals across channels and devices? This requires an effective digital analytics organization, governance and infrastructure. With capable digital data scientist using tools the right way to provide valuable insights for digital decision makers and influencers such as marketing, design, UX and customer support. As fast as possible and in agile fashion as current digital domains require.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte is a recognized leader in analytics with clear frameworks such as IDO (Insight Driven Organisation) and analytical accelerators as per example our dynamic segmentation methods. Together with our data science talent pool and track record in Digital we help customers create impactful digital analytics teams or provide solutions for key digital analytics challenges.

Our solutions

We offer several solutions to our customers.

Customers that seek to implement or advance their digital analytics capability, we help by creating and implementing digital transformation roadmaps that cover People, Process and Technology opportunities. We have experience in delivering global effective teams.

We also provide specific point solutions based on customer requests that seek customer experience and revenue optimization. Examples of these are:

  • Effective digital monitor & analyze solutions. For example effective e-commerce dashboards including root cause drill down capabilities and related governance models;
  • Specific domain projects such as Demand Generation Optimization (e.g. media mix modeling, traffic & landing page optimization), 360 degree customer touch insights (key segment identification and strategies), product & price optimization (portfolio lay out analysis, upsell & cross sell opportunities);
  • End-to-End projects such as strategic website optimization opportunities including click, voice-of-customer and cross segment data.

Where needed we can offer outsourcing solutions for instance for digital dashboard & analysis hosting, ongoing launch assessment and optimization (to understand if changes work), or A/B experimentation analysis.

Our access to vast and experienced digital analytics resources including advanced analytics allow us to create the optimal solution for your digital analytics needs, whether basic analytics or predictive and innovative analytics required. Helping you to understand what matters most in optimizing customer experience and digital marketing ROI.


Stefan van Duin

Stefan van Duin


Ik ben sinds bijna 20 jaar werkzaam op het gebied van Business Intelligence en Data Analytics. Ik vind mijn passie in het vinden van antwoorden in grote datasets, door het toepassen van wiskundige alg... Meer