Using web delivery to embed AI in complex business processes


Using web delivery to embed AI in complex business processes

How web engineering supercharges usability and integration of AI

In this article, we discuss the challenges of dealing with increasing volumes of data in complex business processes. By leveraging the customisability of web engineering and using the latest cloud services, organisations can unify data sources and deliver user-centric AI-powered web applications that maximise the full potential of data analytics in decision-making.

In Summary

  • AI solutions could assist repetitive tasks and optimise business outcomes
  • Web engineering could facilitate integration and boost usability of AI solutions
  • Web based AI solutions shape a digital platform for continuous future improvement

In recent years, one of the main ambitions for organisations is to become data-driven. These organisations aim to collect data and generate insights from descriptive analyses, which can be interpreted, and be acted upon. Nowadays, data has become available from a wide variety of sources. In addition, techniques in the field of analytics have become more advanced with technologies such as AI enabling predictive and prescriptive analyses. Moreover, end-users have become more demanding when it comes to usability of business intelligence solutions. These changes add another dimension of complexity to today’s analytics solutions and have led to front runners reviewing the way they craft and deploy their analytics solutions.

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