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How are you using digital to evolve your organization? 

The 2018 survey of digital business trends seeks to understand the most difficult, organizational, and talent-related challenges that can impact an organization's ability to achieve digital maturity.

Join the 2018 MIT Sloan and Deloitte Digital research

Join MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte Digital as we begin our seventh annual research collaboration with a survey on the evolution of the digital organization.

Your contribution plays a crucial role in this important work. To say thank you, those who take the survey will receive a copy of the final report when it becomes available.

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Dutch Digital DNA Demystified

Deloitte has taken the MIT/Sloan and Deloitte Digital 2017 findings and researched how the Netherlands compare to the global findings. This research paper, 'Dutch Digital DNA Demystified', aims to identify the digital capabilities of Dutch companies, the traits that make up the sum of their Digital DNA, and the archetypes that best characterise their response to digital opportunity or threat.

This research paper will be available soon, and by taking the 2018 survey we will make sure you receive a full copy of the paper, and provide your business with valuable lessons on your 'dominant' Digital DNA traits.    

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