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Achieving Digital Maturity

Is your company adapting to a Digital World?

Our third annual study of global digital business, a collaboration with MIT Sloan Management Review, reveals key practices for organizations to achieve digital maturity. Less mature organizations often see digital as an add-on rather than looking at their business through a digital lens. In order to succeed, you have to be dedicated to investment, change, and talent development, and have a clear direction.

How Digital is your organization?

Achieving digital maturity is an ongoing process; technology shifts and advancements, new business models, and changing market demands will continue to push companies to evolve and grow. It’s a process that takes time but can increase the likelihood that an organization will survive and thrive.

On the 28th of September the Digital DNA Summit took place. Various companies learned lessons in how to rewire your organization in this digital era. To understand more about the challenges and opportunities associated with the use of digital technology, this year’s MIT Sloan and Deloitte Research share practical examples on how to organize your transformation. 


This year's MIT Sloan and Deloitte research captured in one infographic

Adapting to increasingly digital market environments and taking advantage of digital technologies to improve operations are important goals for nearly every contemporary business. Becoming a mature digital business isn’t a quick process, and it requires leaders to continuously rethink their entire business step by step from the ground up. Discover the infographic and see how success is made.


More information?

Would you like to learn more about the report ‘Achieving Digital Maturity’ or one of the trends above? Please download the report or contact Hans van Grieken.

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