Participate in the 2017 Digital DNA Survey   

Determine your organization's digital maturity level  

Adapting to the digital age requires insight about where you stand and the world around you. Digital transformation is not just about building apps and improving the customer experience; it entails a fundamental rethink of your entire business, involving strategy, talent, products, operations, organization and technology.

The 2017 Digital DNA Survey

Deloitte wants to offer you the opportunity to participate in our Digital DNA Survey, and receive insight into how digitally mature your organization is and how you benchmark against your industry peers.

Follow the link in the box on the right to participate in this year's survey. Please be aware that this survey is open until 30th of June.

The overall findings of this survey will be presented during our Digital DNA Summit, held on the 28th of September 2017. During this summit you will learn from your peers, leading speakers and Deloitte on the lessons in the how to rewire your organization in this digital era.

Please pre-register on since seating is limited to 250 seats.

Determine your Digital maturity level

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