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Dreamforce 2017: Recap & Analysis

An overview of the latest digital trends

A number of major digital developments were presented at Dreamforce in San Francisco. As Deloitte Digital we have a partnership and attended with over 700 colleagues. Discover the major new developments of the world’s largest software conference by reading this quick recap of Dreamforce 2017.

Robin Claushuis - 14 November 2017

Highlights Dreamforce 2017

Salesforce has shown some amazing trends related to marketing automation. One of them is Activity Capture, which is automatically syncing all your team’s customer communication to Salesforce. Since there is no manual data entry required anymore, this makes it extremely easy for salespeople to reduce admin time. With all the data being inserted, Salesforce is becoming smarter.

The second trend is Trailheads, which can now be used per firm as a product on the AppExchange. Trailheads enables you to learn how to work with Salesforce on a fun and interactive way. We believe that Trailheads will replace official certification within a few years as the knowledge testing is deeper, easier and more fun.

Keynote - Salescloud

The focus of this year’s Salescloud Keynote was on Einstein (AI), Lightning and Mobile. We found it relatively light on new developments. However, we understand Salesforce is focused on showcasing these features because a significant group is not using lightning and mobile to the fullest extent yet.

Keynote - Service

We did see some major developments related to Service. This time not only related to Al and the Rise of the Chatbots, but also for instance in Field service. Now you have the option to multi schedule a number of appointments at the same area at the same time. Since Field Service can keep track of unpredictable changes that could occur any time, this might be the perfect tool for organizations to manage complex tasks.

Two other developments that will support the end users are Lighting Flow and Guided Steps. Lightning Flow allows for easier configuration of work processes in Salesforce (this helps admins more) and Guided Steps guide for instance Field Reps how to best solve an issue.

Keynote - Marketing

The Marketingcloud keynote was buzzing with utilizing all the customer data available on the web. With the acquisition last year of KRUX, Salesforce is now able to provide not only insight into email marketing, but also in browsing history and click advertising.

Another interesting upcoming feature would be Social Image Recognition. Salesforce claims that it will recognize a can of soda if a picture is taken from it, which is supporting the Social Media branding process. We are curious to see this working in practice.

Keynote - AI

Last but certainly not least was the Salesforce Keynote on AI. We encourage everyone to see the Einstein keynote about AI. I believe it was the most significant one of all keynotes. Two interesting items:

  • Einstein Learning for Community & Service; it will answer questions and will also provide community experts who can answer the question.
  • MyEinstein, which allows configuration of Einstein by administrators. This is handy as you can use Einstein now on custom objects (something that 80% of the customer base is using) so if you have an “Invoice” object and you want to check why invoices are not paid, you can utilize Einstein now for that.

The interesting thing about Einstein is that it uses correlations. As an illustration, Al can explain why invoices are unpaid when there is no VAT number available. This makes AI easy to understand for the average end user. We believe this will greatly increase user adaptation.

Join the Salesforce Innovation Week

On the 28th and 29th of November the Salesforce Innovation Week will take place in Amsterdam. Dreamforce 2017 was all about learning and knowledge-sharing. To bring you the best learnings from the event with a European flair, Salesforce is organizing the Salesforce Innovation Week. Do you want to join the Salesforce Innovation Week? Please sign up here.  

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