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Ambition to grow your scale-up?

These are the seven scale-up challenges

Full of ambition, talent and self-confidence. These are the characteristics of 'Future winners', start-ups and scale-ups that are able to realize continuous growth. Yet only a third of the scale-ups manage to maintain that growth after 5 years and only one in two hundred companies survives. These seven challenges are relevant to grow successfully.

1. Develop a growth-proof strategy

How do you grow your market and your company efficiently, strategically and successfully? Together with Deloitte it is possible to develop a growth-proof strategy. And we can map optional routes to possible collaborations with partners. 

2. Create insight into finance & liquidity management

How (and where) do you find the money to make your business dreams come true? What pitfalls are there? And, is it perhaps advisable to sell your company, now or in the future? With Deloitte's help you develop insights into the financial position of your company, look at profitable financing mixes and you can get in touch with future (investment) partners. 

3. Build a strong team

There is nothing more indispensable than a strong team. In a growth trajectory, finding (and keeping!) committed and good employees is one of the most important (but most difficult) parts. You will also find support with us for developing flexible leadership, the right organizational structure, team dynamics and attracting talent. 

4. Take advantage of technology, scalability and do it safely

Cybersecurity, data management or the cloud: technology is here to stay. Therefore, make sure that your start-up is also technically sound. Together with you, Deloitte takes a critical look at system security, data modeling and integration or application management. When upscaling your company, growing your technology at similar speed is just as important. Get ready for the future!

5. Become digitally operational

Organize your services as efficiently as possible. Automation or digital service providers can be of great importance here. Which IT architecture do you use to make your company digitally operational in the right way? Deloitte sits down with you to evaluate and refine your digital landscape, use appropriate solutions, such as Salesforce and NetSuite, and we can point you to new products, services and sales channels. 

6. Pay attention to legal rules, compliance & risk

The fine print is important. Deloitte enlarges them for you and read along with you. Contracts, property rights, shareholder agreements: these are legal issues that need to be looked at critically. We have the right people, background and insights to take special care of this for you. And as you grow, our insight grows with you. Even when you expand to other countries, with different laws and regulations. That's how you become an expert yourself! 

7. Optimize your accounting, taxes and insurance

Rules, reports and registrations. Indispensable and essential, but how do you apply this? Deloitte assists you in more efficient accounting, tax and insurance matters. We have deep, functional knowledge that may not yet exist in your company. Regulations? We know them. Laws? Like the palm of our hand. We are happy to arrange the arrangements. 

Need help?

Deloitte helps to connect, strengthen and increase your potential. We connect with our corporate clients, look for new growth opportunities and transform companies. We create visibility and recognition through programs such as Technology Fast 50 and Rising Star. With our high-quality expertise, we build a solid foundation to accelerate your business growth.

This infographic is made in collaboration with MT/Sprout. You can find their article (in Dutch) via this link

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