Doing Business in The Netherlands


Doing Business in The Netherlands

Deloitte helps international companies to establish their businesses locally

Deloitte helps international companies to establish their businesses locally.

Doing Business in the Netherlands

The Netherlands provides international companies that want to establish businesses in our country with a very attractive and stable environment. The following preconditions can be mentioned why so many international companies have established their facilities in The Netherlands.

  • The strategic geographical position with an outstanding infrastructure and main gateways through Rotterdam seaport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
  • A competitive fiscal climate with one of the most extensive tax treaty networks in de world in combination with participation- and foreign branches exemption, a special regime for expatriates and an attractive tax regime for innovative and R&D activities.
  • The highly educated, motivated and internationally oriented working population with one of the highest working productivity in the world.
  • An environment that stimulates innovation. According to the Worldwide Innovation index 2014 The Netherlands holds the fifth position. 
  • An attractive quality of life with a high standard of living and a stable political, legal and financial climate.

Deloitte helps international companies to establish their businesses locally

International businesses today face a rapidly evolving landscape including regulatory change, the adoption of more sophisticated approaches by revenue authorities, and swift advances in technology. As operating models, organizational priorities, and corporate cultures vary from business to business, the right solution for one may not be the best fit for another.
Our services and resources model to help international companies to establish their businesses locally is flexible depending on our customers’ requirements and include:

  • Helping out with finding a business location and assisting with all other requirements starting a business.
  • A full range of accounting and financial services on a daily basis by means of our collaboration cloud platform Ctrl in combination with a flexible mix of in-house and external resources including our shared service centre in India.
  • Preparation of financial statements and reporting packages for internal and external use with a focus on management, corporate and statutory requirements.
  • Assisting the company and its management remaining in compliance with SOX, US GAAP, IFRS or other rules and regulation. 
  • Payroll outsourcing services that will reduce complex and time consuming tasks for global businesses. These services include payroll processing, benefits administration, and human resources support.
  • Advice on remuneration and fringe benefits structures, pension plans and assistance with expatriates or other cross border exchanges. 
  • Advising and helping with tax strategy, planning and compliance.
  • Advising and assistance with applying for subsidy and incentive schemes.

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