Future Winners: The podcast


Future Winners: The podcast

A Dutch podcast series where we dive into the world of scaleups

Listen to Joep Arends discussing with founders about what success is and how they achieved that, what hiccups they experienced throughout their journey so far, and what key learnings were for them when starting their own company.

Podcast #1: What to learn from investing platform BUX

BUX founders Yorick Naeff (CEO) and Egbert Pronk (CRO)

BUX founders Yorick Naeff (CEO) and Egbert Pronk (CRO) discuss their successes, hiccups and learnings from starting an investing company. With their mobile platform, they want to reach as many traders as possible, all while keeping the investing process accessible and easy. With fair conditions, an intuitive app and common language. BUX is now a big success that keeps growing every day, but it wasn’t always like that.

Important learning in this episode: listen to your customers, keep testing and learn from your mistakes, don’t be too dependent on others, don't be afraid to shake things up and if you want to grow somewhere else, keep in mind that you might have to start all over again.

Podcast #2: What to learn from The Protein Brewery

The Protein Brewery founder Wim de Laat (CEO)

The Protein Brewery founder Wim de Laat (CEO) shares his personal story as a farmer’s son and how that led him to start a ‘protein brewery’ to change the way we eat. This hasn’t been without hiccups, as valuable learnings, to become a fast growing startup. Listen to the podcast to find out what learnings are most important for Wim and The Protein Brewery.

In a nutshell: make an impact by competing on price, find joy in solving new problems, recognize your shortcomings to grow, dare to collaborate and be open to advice, keep your team together.

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