Outsourcing your compliance processes


Outsourcing your compliance processes

Focus on your core business while being compliant

Staying fully compliant is a major challenge and one of the least understood areas of risk by senior management. The demands for compliance requirements and on in-house compliance teams are increasing, resulting in companies using outsourcing as an alternative sourcing strategy.

Your challenge

Nowadays, companies are often struggling with their in-house compliance teams. Reason for this is, next to the increasing demands on compliance functions, an increase in overall operational costs and the availability of limited resources. As a result, companies tend to outsource their compliance services in order to reduce costs, and keep focus on their core business. However, organizations unfamiliar with compliance outsourcing might view the practice as impractical.

Why Deloitte

We can guarantee that your organization is compliant year after year. Deloitte International Compliance and Reporting is a team specialized in reporting and compliance services for international groups with Dutch entities. Our practice has an extensive pool of experienced and technically well-trained accountants and financial specialists. The decision to outsource may be driven by one or more service offerings that we offer, including:

  • Processing of the monthly / quarterly bookkeeping; 
  • Compilation, Preparation and filling of the financial statements, minutes, Corporate Income Tax (CIT), Value Added Tax (VAT) and intrastat reports;
  • Preparation of periodic custom or standard management reporting packs for you and your stakeholders;
  • Reporting to requesting authorities such as “De Nederlandse Bank (DNB)” & “Centraal bureau voor de statistiek (CBS)”;
  • Project management (PMO) when multiple stakeholder and/or entities are in scope;
  • Automation and Process optimization through template creation and dashboards.

Our solution

With us as a compliance outsourcing provider, we can deliver the following benefits:

  • Gains in efficiency and quality achieved by leveraging structured processes; 
  • Access to subject matter specialists;
  • Seamless execution of end-to-end processes, from compliance assessment through corrective action; 
  • Flexibility to scale deployment of skilled resources up or down as needed;
  • Data analytics and reporting tools that provide predictive trends and insights; 
  • Reduced burden on internal infrastructure and resources; 
  • Reduced cost.


Loes Bierenbroodspot

Loes Bierenbroodspot


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