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Our capabilities in the Port industry

As Center of Expertise Deloitte Port Services offers a point of view on the port industry’s challenges and opportunities, with an overview of the customized services for the port industry to address its specific needs and requirements.

An industry on the move

Globalization has led to an explosion of world trade over the last few decades. As people continue to enter middle income status, consumption patterns continue to drive demand for traded goods and shipping volumes continue to grow. But, the shape of the industry is changing driven by the ever-increasing competition between ports.

Port authorities around the world face a different set of challenges. Global trade routes migrate towards the Asian continent and cargo flows (of raw materials) from Africa are on the rise. Port authorities in both geographies see a strong demand for increased port efficiency and additional port and terminal capacity. Economies in the Middle East are in a process of diversification. Moving away from reliance on fossil resources exports and developing a market position as central hubs of maritime (and air) transport. In Europe and North America, port authorities are working hard on fully automated container terminals, sustainability and alternative business models. Also, port authorities are asked to rethink the viability of inner-city port areas as a result of the increasing size of vessels, dedicated terminal operations and supply chain rationalization.

Deloitte Port Services 2017 – Center of Expertise

Challenges and opportunities in the port industry

Deloitte Port Services identified six prominent challenges that inherently create opportunities. These challenges should be on top of the global port authority boards’ agenda.

  • Sustainability / circular economy - The energy transition is evolving much faster than anticipated requiring strategic preparation from ports.
  • Smart ports - Technological advancements offer ports new business model opportunities and the potential to transform into smart ports.
  • Integration of supply chains - The further integration of supply chains is driving increased port efficiency, port authorities could act as system orchestrators.
  • Organizational efficiency - The increasingly dynamic environment requires ports to focus on organizational efficiency and performance management.
  • Safety & security - Being at the heart of global supply chains, ports need to be at the forefront of safety and (cyber)security.
  • Port / city duality - Enveloped ports should focus on creating regional added value and employment, benefiting both city and port, this requires thinking in ecosystems combining social and economic aspects.

Deloitte Port Services capabilities

Deloitte Port Services has substantial experience working in the global port industry. We support a range of clients including port authorities, terminal operators, shipping companies, investors and policy makers. With our extensive experience in the ports industry, and our local expertise we are uniquely placed to understand the challenges and opportunities in the industry that is on the move. We have shaped a number of customized services for the port industry to address its specific needs and requirements.

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