Deloitte Resources Study 2015


Deloitte Resources Study 2015

Energy management in the US passes the point of no return

While businesses matured in their views and practices and now consider energy management an essential aspect of corporate strategy, consumers did not make great strides in advancing their energy management practices like businesses did. Both groups have ingrained the concept of energy management and the commitment to reduce consumption. We see the same happening in Europe.

Energy management passes the point of no return

The findings of the Deloitte Resources 2015 Study suggest that a tipping point in energy management has been passed: thoughtful deliberate energy consumption has permeated the business psyche, and companies, by and large, now consider energy management to be an essential aspect of corporate strategy.

The 2015 Study aims to answer questions such as:

  • What actions are US businesses and consumers taking and expecting to take to manage their energy usage? 
  • What do they know about the energy marketplace?
  • What motivates them to adopt new practices and invest in new technologies?
  • How mature are their approaches to managing energy efficiency?

Download the full report Deloitte Resources 2015 Study for a deeper dive into this year’s findings.

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Deloitte Resources study 2015
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