Oil, Gas, and Chemicals Industry Outlook 2019


Oil, Gas, and Chemicals Industry Outlook 2019

Five trends that will affect the Oil, Gas, and Chemicals industry

In 2018, global oil demand looks likely to breach 100 MMbbl/d for the first time, natural gas continues to expand its share of key markets, and chemicals have seen a strong increase in their revenue. Now, the industry is entering the new year with increased volatility in prices and regulatory overhangs amidst many new business opportunities. The question remains how these factors will shape the short- and long-term trajectory of the industry. Read it in our Oil, Gas, and Chemicals Outlook.

Five key trends in the Oil, Gas, and Chemicals industry

As we move into 2019, what should we watch for? Does the recovery in oil markets have legs, or are emerging risks coming into play?

In this world of uncertainty, we are watching five key trends:

  1. Don’t forget the numbers: can returns and profitability demonstrate value to investors?
  2. It’s not just about supply or markets: infrastructure matters
  3. Natural gas: here and not forgotten
  4. The sustainability imperative: moving from the periphery to the core
  5. Digital technologies are increasingly intertwined with the entire oil, gas, and chemicals value chain

Would you like to find out what this means for your industry? Download our report and learn more about the five key trends in Oil, Gas, and Chemicals in 2019.

2019 Oil, Gas, and Chemicals Industry Outlook

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