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Renewables shaping smart cities

Wind and solar energy best enable the goals of people-centered smart cities

As cities expand, so does their energy use. And as cities strive to become “smart,” renewable solar and wind power can play a crucial role in helping them achieve their goals.

March 13, 2019

Big-picture thinking on disruptive innovation in the retail power sector

By David Morgan, Corporate Finance Partner, Deloitte New Zealand

From technology to customer expectations, various factors are disrupting the retail power sector. However, the key question is: are companies responding to these changes with adequate urgency? To survive and compete in this dynamic environment, companies must innovate rapidly and efficiently. In this blog, David Morgan talks about how retail power companies need to innovate beyond their core operations in order to succeed.

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Smart cities have a growing opportunity and imperative to become smart renewable cities

Elaborating on the findings of our Global renewable energy trends report, this paper describes the concept of smart renewable cities (SRCs) and talks about the role renewables play in shaping smart cities. It also explains some trends that have turned cities and the grid into leading platforms for human activity.

As cities expand and strive to become “smart,” solar and wind power can play a crucial role in helping them achieve their goals.

Deloitte developed a SRC framework to identify and classify cities globally that are integrating renewables with their smart city plans. This report analyzes how SRCs can:

  • Foster economic growth; 
  • Promote sustainability through renewable-powered buildings and electric mobility; and
  • Offer a higher quality of life by being inclusive, healthier, and empowering places to live. 

How can SRCs implement their initiatives through an ecosystem of stakeholders? Read the full report to learn how cities and utilities can collaborate to achieve their goals of self-sustaining cities and 100 percent renewables.

Renewables shaping smart cities

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