Smart Ports


Smart Ports

The importance for ports to become more data, and insight-driven, the need for digitalization and Internet of Things.

A tidal wave of technological innovation & integration is pushing industries and businesses to transform themselves in an effort to become more data, and insight-driven. The port industry is no exception. Ports are developing into Smart Ports, meaning developing solutions to address the current and future challenges.

Need for Smart Ports

Ports are no longer only competing for the number one spot in global traffic figures. Ports are faced with a concentration of ports where efficiency and protection of market share becomes central. This is most prominent in ports in mature markets and necessitates a strategic shift, where size is no longer the primary focus, but rather efficiency and smarter operations. It is no longer the largest port that will survive but the smartest port.

Becoming a Smart Port means developing solutions to address the current and future challenges faced by seaports. The challenges driving the need for smart ports include operational excellence, migrating activities and new business opportunities. Today’s technological and business model innovations can be a driving force behind the Smart Port. But determining which technologies, how to implement them and the way in which they can support the overall digital strategy of the port remains a challenge.

Even though some ports today are starting to come to terms with the importance and need for digitalization and IoT, there is still a long road ahead to get to relatively mature Smart Port concepts. Ports are faced with a myriad of issues when it comes to becoming a Smart Port, both technical and strategic. The diverse nature of a port creates a complicated environment with multiple stakeholders and a cluster of competing companies. The challenges can be countered by a set of solutions focused on automation and information services, such as IoT, providing opportunities for quick wins and long term added value for all.

Deloitte Port Services – Smart Ports

Deloitte Port Services capabilities

Deloitte Port Services has substantial experience working in the global port industry. We support a range of clients including port authorities, terminal operators, shipping companies, investors and policy makers. With our extensive experience in the ports industry, and our local expertise we are uniquely placed to understand the challenges and opportunities in the industry that is on the move. We have shaped a number of customized services for the port industry to address its specific needs and requirements.

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