The Duck Curve

Opportunities in an increasingly green electricity market

Energy storage

The energy transition is well underway. The share of renewables in the electricity grid is steadily increasing, while costs of renewables are going down rapidly: recently, the first unsubsidized wind park was opened. As businesses, governments, and civilians are becoming increasingly aware of both the necessity and the urgency of the energy transition, a multitude of unforeseen phenomena associated with this transition are occurring. One side-effect of the dramatic uptake in solar energy are the considerable gaps between energy supply and peak demand because of intermittent solar generation in the grid. This is called ‘the duck curve’. New energy storage technology can flatten this curve. Deloitte has previously highlighted this technology’s potential and has done extensive research on its challenges and opportunities. In addition, a Deloitte report has shown that energy storage has the potential to radically transform the energy market. In this short report we outline the context of these challenges and opportunities.

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