Oil & Gas Conference 2017


Oil & Gas Conference 2017

‘Digitisation is of great importance for the energy transition’

On 5th of July, 2017 the 15th Dutch Oil & Gas Conference was held in Cruise Terminal in Rotterdam. Together we can look back at an inspiring event in which we have learned all about Opportunities in Oil & Gas; New Energies and Digitalisation. The venue was filled with ambition and energy. Speakers representing Shell, Gasunie, EBN and Deloitte shared their insights on the future of our energy supply.

Deloitte Oil & Gas Conference 2017

The theme of this 15th edition of the Oil & Gas Conference was New Energies and Digitalisation. It is one of the biggest themes within the sector and that makes it the logical theme for Deloitte's Oil & Gas Conference: the energy transition. The main lesson learned at this year’s conference might be that the sector is now fully embracing the energy transition.

Speakers of the day who spoke about this hot topic were:

  • Alisa Choong (Shell)
  • Han Fennema (EBN)
  • Mark Gainsborough (Shell)
  • Jan Willem van Hoogstraten (Gasunie)
  • Bart Cornelissen (Monitor Deloitte)

Digitisation and the energy transition

Alisa Choong, EVP Technical and Competitive IT at Shell, spoke about how the Oil & Gas sector is catching up when it comes to digitisation. Shell is investing in digitisation in many parts of the chain ranging from construction to production and from supply to the consumer at the petrol station.

After all, digitisation has an enormous role to play in producing fuels, creating new business models and in the distribution model. And above all, it can be a huge driver in energy savings.

Mark Gainsborough, Executive Vice President New Energies at Shell, followed up on how Shell handles renewables and the role these can play in Shell's energy mix. He made the comparison with natural gas. Currently the biggest factor in the energy mix, but 50 years ago, an irrelevant resource from Shell’s perspective.

Hydrogen hub

Gasunie CEO Han Fennema spoke about the role he sees for gas in a CO2-neutral energy supply. Fennema showed how the demand for electricity and gas differs.

Electricity has a more or less stable demand throughout the year, while the demand for gas fluctuates sharply with the changing of the seasons. That is one of the reasons why Gasunie sees a prominent role for hydrogen and green gas as transition resources.

To stimulate the hydrogen economy, Fennema presented the 'Hydrogen hub Northern Netherlands'. This will enable the storage of excess energy in the form of hydrogen and thereby contribute to a constant energy supply.

EBN CEO Jan Willem van Hoogstraten stated that heat is a sometimes overlooked form of energy. Geothermal energy is a great opportunity for the Netherlands according to Van Hoogstraten and that is why EBN is working on a geothermal infrastructure. According to EBN, 31% of the industrial demand for heat can be met with the deployment of geothermal energy.

A role for Deloitte

In short, we have seen some rather concrete examples that show that businesses are not only adding the energy transition to their strategies but are also actively contributing to the development through concrete projects.

Bart Cornelissen, Deloitte partner Strategy in Energy & Resources, sees a role for Deloitte in helping businesses make their transformations to more sustainable organisations and the important role innovation has.

"We need to rethink how innovation is currently organised and develop specific strategies for transformational innovations: be bold, set up a specific structure operating with protected funds, measure and incentivise with other then short-term oriented financial goals", Bart concludes.

More information?

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