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Oil and Gas Conference 2019

Future of Energy: Opportunities across the ecosystem

The 17th Dutch Oil and Gas Conference brought together players from across the energy ecosystem – including startups, accelerators, academic institutions, and multinational organisations – to share their perspective on the different challenges and opportunities that the future of energy presents for a wide range of stakeholders. Above all, the conference speakers agreed that we need to rise to the challenge of the energy transition and together we can make a difference. However, opinions varied as to how and especially how fast the change will take place…

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A changing relationship with energy

Ed Daniels (Royal Dutch Shell) explained how Shell acts on its responsibility to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of its energy products, predicting that by 2050 Shell will be a radically different company. But he stressed that change can only happen if responsibility is shared between all parts of society and this requires a huge change in society’s relationship with energy. He left us with a positive message in which he expressed his confidence that – together – we can build a brighter future and reach zero net emissions between 2050 and 2070.

Ed Daniels mentioned that - despite deep electrification – molecules would remain important for the foreseeable future. An opinion complemented by Lex de Groot (Neptune Energy NL) who told us about the valuable role of offshore gas as a transition fuel and how adopting innovative technologies will support a sustainable future for their business.

SBM Offshore is also finding the solutions for the Future of Energy out at sea. As Douglas Wood explained, energy demand is rising, but this is coupled with rapid urbanization. And when there is not enough space on land to generate renewable energy, the solution is: Floating! Just one of the many floating solutions he showed the audience was the newly developed wave energy converter.

Collaboration as key accelerator

The importance of innovative technologies was central in the message communicated by co-presenters David Roodenburg (Huisman Equipment) and Seriena Bal (Buccaneer) who believe that (disruptive) innovation is key to reach a sustainable energy mix and requires connections between the established and the new industry players. Thus bringing home the message that successful change can be accelerated by collaboration – in this case with young innovative companies.

But innovation requires investment. On this point, Richard Govers (Goldman Sachs) highlighted how financial institutions can play a constructive role in the energy transition journey through a range of eco-investment structures. Global banks have already made crucial contribution to the consolidation of the wind turbine sector, the transformation of Orsted (formerly DONG Energy), and the creation of the European eco-battery leader, Northvolt. The common denominator in all of these projects? In particular, investors committed to these projects because there was the right scale, growth potential, business models and management structures in place, which both empowered the transition to a low carbon economy and offered the business opportunity for collaborative innovation.

Although there was a lot of focus on technological innovation, Frits Eulderink (Royal Vopak) showed how existing infrastructure and technologies can be used to accelerate the energy transition. With Hydrogen as a new energy carrier, existing infrastructure solutions can be used to a large extent for a low-carbon, sustainable energy future.

Engage, inspire and connect

At the end of the conference Derk Loorbach (DRIFT and Erasmus University Rotterdam) shook things up a bit. He challenged previous speakers on their belief that fossil fuels would continue to play an important role in the coming decades. He also questioned the stepped approach to changing the energy systems, wondering if companies in this industry are really equipping themselves adequately to meet the demands and challenges that the energy transition will inevitably present – giving us all plenty of food for thought and discussion during the closing drinks.

“Moving forward, the key global energy challenge is that there will be both a higher demand for energy and an increased need to cut our carbon emissions,” says Eric Vennix, Industry Leader Energy, Resources and Industrials North South Europe, Deloitte. This presents our clients with huge opportunities. Our 17th Oil and Gas Conference brought together a relevant group of people to deliberate on future energy solutions, in a discussion that engaged, inspired and connected our participants.”

General information about the event

The 17th Dutch Oil and Gas Conference took place on 3 July 2019 at the Cruise Terminal in Rotterdam, with the theme of ‘Future of Energy: Opportunities across the ecosystem’. Over 300 industry specialists gathered to share their expert opinions on how our changing global energy demands are affecting traditional energy ecosystems and supply chains, creating a range of new business opportunities.

Eight speakers offered their valuable contributions and unique perspectives: Ed Daniels (EVP Strategy & Portfolio at Royal Dutch Shell plc), Lex de Groot (Managing Director at Neptune Energy Netherlands), David Roodenburg (Manager Tender & Projects at Huisman Equipment), Seriena Bal (Managing Director at Buccaneer), Richard Govers (Global Industrials Coverage & Head of Netherlands Region at Goldman Sachs), Douglas H.M. Wood (Chief Financial Officer at SBM Offshore), Frits Eulderink (Chief Operating Officer at Royal Vopak), and Derk Loorbach (Director of DRIFT and Professor of Socio-economic Transitions, Erasmus University Rotterdam).

More information?

If you would like to find out more about the future of energy and the opportunities it presents across the ecosystem, please contact Eric Vennix, Energy, Resources & Industrials Industry Leader North South Europe, or sign up to our Future of Energy mailing list.  


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