Accelerating smart manufacturing: The value of an ecosystem approach


The value of an ecosystem approach to accelerate smart manufacturing

How can an ecosystem approach transcend challenges amidst uncertain times?

The faster pace of product launches and increased revenue are the top-two benefits manufacturers report from taking an ecosystem approach to smart manufacturing.

Accelerating smart manufacturing

Deloitte and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) have released a new report, Accelerating smart manufacturing: The value of an ecosystem approach that reveals how players in an ecosystem are a force multiplier for each other and more than twice as likely to find value through others’ capabilities. But what exactly is an ecosystem in smart manufacturing terms? Essentially, an ecosystem is formed when different entities come together in meaningful ways to solve shared challenges and meet shared objectives. Effective ecosystems enable a cumulative “network” effect for participants and create value greater than the sum of parts, driving higher performance and creating exponential results.

Accelerating smart manufacturing

The value of an ecosystem approach

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Ecosystem-focused manufacturers outperform

An ecosystem approach can help manufacturers for example in the Industrial Products and Construction Sector get faster access to multiple alliances and partners and bring them greater benefits. Benefits observed by manufacturers in Europe, North America and Asia with an ecosystem approach as compared to others are:

  • Higher number of active connections
  • Anticipated increase in number of connected products over next three years
  • Greater reduction in operational costsIncreased capacity for innovation

How should smart manufacturing proceed amidst these challenging COVID-19 times?

Our study shows the answer to this question with insights from 11 countries, including: United States, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, China, India, and Japan. This broad point of view is applicable to the Dutch market as well.

Regional Analysis:

In addition to the report, the regjional analysis is made available now. This addition compares the responses to see where manufacturers across geographies stand today in their journey of transition towards an ecosystem approach. You can acces the regional analysis here.

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