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Voices from the Market: Goal 13 Impact Platform

How can business leaders learn from existing best practice to combat climate issues at scale? The Goal 13 Impact Platform’s latest corporate climate action report, the Voices from the Market, hears first-hand evidence of the challenges facing corporates of all sectors, sizes and geographies, providing an overview of the best actions being taken today. Capturing the mood and curating their insights from 420 interviews over the past year.

Voices of the market

This report summarises the interviews that have been carried out and illustrates these with attributed references. It represents the narrative of the businesses interviewed rather than the authors', and aims to complement the individual business level insight the platform provides.

Voices from the market

What did businesses tell us?

The big message from 420 interviews across all business sizes and sectors globally is that while there are many good initiatives, most organizations are yet to fully embed climate change into their business. The fact is climate models that drive long-term value have not yet been fully integrated.

Despite the diversity of companies interviewed, there are significant commonalities in businesses climate action. There are a small number of critical actions every company can take now to speed up their climate action:

  • Reframe climate action within the organization. Reframe climate change as a core driver of long-term value. So that it's cemented into the business strategy.
  • Integrate climate into all key decisions across the organization. Everyone needs to feel part of the solution, from the board level to functional leaders and section heads.
  • Enshrine climate thinking in the ethos and culture of the organization. Weave climate action into the culture of the business to elevate its importance and encourage adoption.
  • Reveal the challenges your organization is facing on the road to net-zero. Be humble and transparent about the hurdles the business is facing, without spin or arrogance.
  • Combine forces to realize change at a greater scale. Promote collaboration between teams, departments, and external partners to overcome the many systematic challenges we face.
  • Adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Accept that almost all aspects of climate change are evolving fast, so action needs continuous review and iteration.

What did Dutch organizations tell us?

Deloitte Netherlands also contributed to this global platform by interviewing organizations in the Netherlands. In these interviews with Dutch organizations, as compared to the global interviews, the following topics stood out:

  • Besides the main driver of brand & reputation improvement, interviewees indicated that executive motivation was growing and the intrinsic motivation of their leadership played a large role in the desire to become more sustainable.
  • A large part of the organizations indicated that they try to make an impact on sustainability by motivating clients/suppliers/employees to become more sustainable.
  • A low level of assurance was found in Dutch organizations, specifically compared to other countries in Europe where regulators are driving assurance, such as in France and Italy.
  • Two of the key external barriers mentioned in terms of becoming more sustainable are (i) working together with clients/suppliers that hinder progress due to lack of knowledge of suppliers, availability of circular products, and because suppliers are outside the circle of influence. And (ii) the availability of data, lack of transparency in the market, and the lack of uniformity of data standards.

What is the Goal 13 Impact Platform?

The Goal 13 Impact Platform is a partnership between the Confederation of British Industry, Deloitte, Chapter Zero, The Prince's Accounting for Sustainability Project, Dell Technologies, Boomi, and the Met Office. Together, we’ve built a free and open forum for businesses who want to share their climate story in the run-up to COP26. The initiative aims to stimulate learning, collaboration and inspire urgent and meaningful corporate climate actions through events and reports.

So, what should you do now? First, download the Voices from the Market report and hear the empowering and challenging stories facing corporate climate action. And then use it to build energy around your own plans.

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