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Industry 4.0: At the intersection of readiness and responsibility

Deloitte’s survey on business’s preparedness for a connected era

As the transformation to Industry 4.0 continues, more business leaders are starting to see a bigger picture and feel a larger responsibility. A new form of capitalism seems to be emerging, where societal impact is measured alongside financial performance. Read how executives are embracing a larger responsibility beyond profit.

Companies with a comprehensive Industry 4.0 strategy perform well

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, refers to the marriage of physical assets and advanced technologies that communicate, analyze, and process information. This information-loop enables organizations, consumers, and society to be more flexible and responsive and enhances more intelligent, data-driven decisions.

Companies succeeding in this industry 4.0 era understand technology can help in all areas of their business, including overall business strategy, workforce and talent strategies, societal impact and technological operations. In our study, we found that particularly the companies with comprehensive Industry 4.0 strategies are performing well, while others lag behind. 

In this year’s report major trends and insights are highlighted:

  • When strategy leads, success follows
  • Recognition of business’ social responsibility
  • Commitment to training and development
  • A retreat from disruption 

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Balancing profit and purpose is accelerating 

This year’s survey examines the intersection of traditional business objectives, transformational technologies, evolving skills and the growing obligations to the greater good. Responses such as embracing employee development and societal concerns, indicate progress. The persistence of short-termism and the reluctance to fully embrace Industry 4.0 technologies, are missed opportunities. In the end, this survey suggests that business’s journey to balance profit and purpose is accelerating. A sharper focus on strategy and broader adoption of transformational technologies that benefit both business and society will help CxOs get there faster.

Industry 4.0 readiness survey

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About the Industry 4.0 readiness report

In Deloitte’s third annual survey – which covers more than 2,000 C-suite executives across 19 countries – we examined the intersection of readiness and responsibility to see how leaders are balancing this transition to Industry 4.0 – capitalizing on advanced technologies to help propel their business forward while acting in more socially responsible ways, particularly in the area of environmental stewardship.


Additional report: Industry 4.0 EMEA Readiness

This report is based on responses from 99 Industrial Products companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Data was collected during the second half of 2019.

This report examines the views of C-suite executives on the intersection of readiness and responsibility. It seeks answers to questions such as “how do leaders balance profit with purpose while transitioning their business to Industry 4.0?” and “how do companies use advanced technologies to drive business forward while acting in more socially and environmentally responsible ways?”.

According to our findings, organisations that understand how technology can help improve all areas of business generally perform better. These areas include overall business strategy, talent strategies, societal impact and technology decisions.

Find out how IndustrialProducts leaders from countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa balance profit with purpose while transitioning their business to Industry 4.0 and download the report now. 

Industry 4.0 EMEA Readiness

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