Europe 2022: The Great Industrial Repositioning


The Great Industrial Repositioning 

Planning for Corporate Impact and how to Navigate the (Energy) Crisis 

The phrase ‘perfect storm’ may be a bit over-used lately, but it does accurately describe the situation that European industries are currently in. Several economic and political developments have led to this perfect storm. The COVID-19 crisis has boosted demand, while on the other hand supply chains are struggling to get back up to speed. On top of that, gas prices recently reached an extraordinary high in Europe and high energy prices are pushing up manufacturing cost. Demand for both energy and goods is predicted to remain strong due to high purchase power that is fuelled by low unemployment rates and a surplus of savings, putting extra pressure on scarce supplies. In addition, inflation rates are at an unprecedented level and central banks are fighting inflation by increasing base interest rates.

Each of these developments have an impact on European industries, specifically the energy-intensives, individually, but combined they pose some profound challenges. These challenges include:

  1. Repositioning towards markets
  2. Repositioning portfolios and production assets
  3. Liquidity, fiscal and capital planning & funding
  4. Sustainability-driven technology & asset planning

This whitepaper addresses these challenges and outlines a three-step approach:

  • 360-Degrees scenario-based impact analysis
  • Short-term financial security
  • Mid-term asset, capital & technology planning

Download the article to read more about this approach that can serve to not only combat these challenges, but even come out on top.

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