The Operational Resilience Scan


The Operations Resilience Scan

Responding, recovering and thriving in times of disruption

Disruptions within the organization and it’s ecosystem can have a major impact on manufacturing operations, resulting in financial loss and possible shutdown. The Operations Resilience Scan assesses the vulnerability of a manufacturing organization and identifies improvements to respond, recover and thrive in times of disruption.

Over the last year, we witnessed that manufacturing operations are quite vulnerable to disruption. Disruptions can occur in the environment and ecosystem as for example natural disasters, trade wars, recessions or global pandemics, or cyber-attacks or major on-site accidents that affect the own. These disruptions can cause sudden lack of material, extreme volatility in demand, inaccessible systems and equipment breakdown, just to name a few. They will result in suboptimal manufacturing output, and cause financial losses.

How to be a resilient organization ?

In our 2021 Global Resilience Report, we discuss the five characteristics of a resilient organization. A resilient organization is prepared, adaptable, collaborative, trustworthy and responsible. The Operations Resilience Scan helps your manufacturing organization to improve on three of these five characteristics: be better prepared, more adaptable and collaborative.

Being aware of the vulnerabilities in your organization and having mitigations in place makes your manufacturing much less prone to disruptions. Organizations that anticipate and plan ahead for disruption, challenges, and opportunities will be the most resilient. 

Our solution: The Operations Resilience Scan

Deloitte developed a tool that assesses the current state of your manufacturing organization and identifies areas for improvement. Using our pre-populated tool, we can assess the resiliency of your manufacturing operations in 4-6 weeks. Using pre-defined interview questions to asses your current state, determining which of the interventions form the accompanying intervention library will help you to identify resilience improvement opportunities. With our industry benchmarks, we set industry-specific target scores to compare and identify areas for improvement.

Intervention library
Advanced digital technologies– such as cloud, robotics, analytics, AI and cognitive technologies, sensors, and IoT - significantly increase both the flexibility and robustness of the manufacturing organization, hence becoming resilient. Automated scheduling and line balancing for example can incorporate last-minute changes in demand and still run an efficient production planning. These are two examples of our library that contains over 200 of technology and non-technology related interventions. From this library we can quickly select the right interventions to improve resilience in identified key areas with improvement potential for your organization.

The outcome of the scan is a clear roadmap with interventions and initiatives to make your operations resilient.
The consultants of Deloitte are also well-equipped to help you in the execution of the roadmap.

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