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Ethical Technology and Trust

The domain of Digital Ethics: Doing the right thing regardless of whether what you are doing is governed by laws and regulations.

We are living in a golden age of technological growth! The decade we just left behind was characterised by massive growth in advanced technology, which is quickly becoming mainstream and available to everyone.

This is particularly true for technologies that process data in a new way, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, but also technologies like robots, drones, blockchain, digital twins, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, DNA sequencing, facial recognition, etc. They are all finding their way into our everyday business and life.

Our recently launched Tech Trends 2020 Deloitte report provides a good overview of what is coming next and features perhaps one remarkable trend: Ethical technology and trust. That trend is part of what we call Digital Ethics. If you use digital solutions, make sure you deploy them in a way that is responsible, accountable and based on values that your stakeholders recognise and trust. Because if you don’t, you could lose their trust, and that may even prevent you from continuing to use the digital solution at all. How that works and why, that’s the subject of this blog.

The Domain of Digital Ethics: Doing the right things with Ethical Technology and Trust

Digital Ethics

When new digital solutions become available there are often only very general rules applicable to them e.g. rules on privacy, safety, advertising, and so on. Want to use Artificial Intelligence? Go ahead, no specific rules apply. Want to use facial recognition? Same thing. Deploying robots, Internet of things applications, etc.? No specific rules in place…

This is the reason why Ethical technology and trust is one of the trends mentioned in our Tech Trends 2020 report. And it is the reason why we believe Digital Ethics should be on the agenda of employees, management and leaders of every company. It is part of doing responsible business and the time to start with responsible business is rather today then tomorrow!

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